Felt Heart Finger Puppets

easy felt heart finger puppet tutorialI had some felt on hand for another project and thought making some felt heart finger puppets would be pretty fun.

heart finger puppet tutorial I had intended to make them in 3 colors but well, I got lazy, I got busy, I got kids.  So just know you can make them in a variety of colors.  BTdubs, M came up with this pose all on his own.  He’s a ham.

materials for kid's valentine's craftGrab some felt (a scrap piece will work), a needle, some embroidery thread and scissors.  I cut out one side of the heart finger puppet.

felt craft for kidsThen I stacked it on a second piece of felt and cut around it as template.  This was pretty risky of me to freehand cut it.  I’m trying to not be so persnickety with my crafts.  I get all kinds of anxious wanting things to be perfect.  But you know what?  It is a finger puppet.  I need to relax. If you feel more comfortable, just use a pen to draw the outline on the second piece.

cool valentine's craft for kidsStack the two hearts and begin to sew.  Tie a knot at the end of the thread so it doesn’t pull through the felt.

easy sewed heart finger puppetDo a simple stitch around the whole finger puppet.  I’m not a sewer.  It could look better.  And you could certainly use a sewing machine.  But that isn’t my style.  Finish with a knot at the other end.

heart finger puppet thumbs upTrim the ends close to the knots.  Closer than I did in the picture above.  M gives these a thumbs up.  This fit snug on his thumb.  If I were you I would give yourself a little extra room to make sure it is easy to get on and off.  Or, I don’t know, you could do something like measure…Nah.

heart puppet shakaTurns out a shaka is a perfect pose for showing off these finger puppets…thanks Hawaiian relatives!  How cute is that face!  He’s not smiling because he’s super cute though.  He’s smiling because he was being so ornery I was almost in tears just trying to get a few good shots.  And he knew he had me right on the edge.  Good thing he is so dang cute or he would be in time out.  For, like, a year.


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