Fashion Risks in Palm Springs

leopard-pants-black-tank-black-hat-in-palm-springsSo first I need to direct you to the amazing recaps that both Lauren and Tammy did of our recent trip to Palm Sprigs.  I had SO MUCH FUN.  I have many more images to share from the weekend but I wanted to start first on what I wore.  This trip was all about being creative and finding inspiration so I decided it would be a great place for me to step out of my shell and take some fashion risks.  You might look through these photos and say, that wasn’t all that risky.   And I totally get that.  But it was a good place for me to start.  I really enjoy fashion and want to continue working on my personal style.  The weather in Palm Springs was a lovely 105 degrees.  I love the heat but that certainly did play a role in the outfits that I picked.  For the drive up I went with my favorite easy leopard pants (you guys I am pretty close to needing a leopard print intervention…)  and a black silk racer back tank tucked in.  So here is where the risky part is.  The tuck in.  I usually wear things loose and drapey.  Sometimes it works and sometimes I feel sloppy.  Tucking in and allowing my buns to be on display (you guys, my insecurities run deep!) was a big step.  And no one pointed and laughed!!!

little-black-dress-with-neon-accessories-in-Palm-SpringsFor dinner the first night I threw on a simple hi-lo black dress (can someone please make a dress with a straight hem?  For real, I’m pretty much done with the reverse dress mullet but that is all you can find!)  Um, boring, you say.  Yes.  Lauren said, “I thought you said you were taking fashion risks?”  The risky part here is that the top is a bit loose.  I wore just a bra under it and didn’t wear a tank top.  I am not well endowed up top and I don’t know why I feel the need to hide behind my clothes.  I just do.  So from the outside this doesn’t look like a fashion risk but to me it was very freeing.  And those shoes.  Those were definitely a broken ankle risk.

Novella-Royale-Kaftan-with-shorts-in-Palm-SpringsThe next day for some shopping and lunch I wore my favorite kaftan from Novella Royale (no longer on the site but this is similar).  I’ve had it forever and worn it a ton, but ALWAYS with skinny jeans or leggings.  I do not wear shorts.  Or mini skirts.  So this was HUGE.  I certainly wasn’t comfortable going without anything so I paired it with some black slip shorts I have.  Having a spray tan helped my confidence.  And I have to be honest and say that I have not worn shorts since I’ve been home.  And while there was day drinking involved in Palm Springs, I certainly wasn’t drunk when I picked out my outfit that morning.  I need to dig for this confidence again and aim to add shorts back in to my summer wardrobe.

trying-out-fashion-blogger-posesThe other part that I wanted to overcome was having my picture taken.  I really don’t like it and I don’t know how to do it.  I had Lauren and Tammy spend a few minutes in this parking lot with me while the other gals went thrifting.  I am laughing in this picture because they were trying to tell me how to pose.  And I kept getting it all wrong.  I am not a natural in front of the camera and I accept that.  But I would like to try to learn how to not look crazy insane and stiff when someone takes my picture.

walking-in-a-parking-lotThen Lauren told me to walk.  So I turned and strutted my stuff across the lot.  “Walk better” she says.  What does that even mean?!  She explained I was walking like a burly man and that I should think in my head that I was on a runway…

twirlSo then I BROUGHT IT.

bikini-in-palm-springsYou guys!  I wore a two piece!!  Earlier this summer I decided that I was no longer young enough or fit enough to wear a bikini.  So I bought a cute, sort of retro one piece from Old Navy much to my husband’s dismay.  I wore it on my first girl’s trip to Scottsdale (more on that trip soon!) and then again when I got home.  And then it broke!  So I took it to Lauren’s and asked her to help me mend it with her sewing machine.  This was the suit I intended on wearing to Palm Springs.  In the mean time, I started looking for a bikini that covered a little more area.  And found one on clearance at Target!  Lo and behold, Lauren “accidentally” forgot to bring it to Palm Springs…I think it was her way of ensuring that I wear the two piece.  But I’m glad she did.  I pretended like I was totally comfortable walking around in a bikini and think that helped.  And guess what, that one piece is not going with me to Mexico.  I can do it.

day-to-night-with-heelsFor dinner that night, I decided to just rewear my Novella Royale  kaftan.  I just added heels, a sparkly necklace and Lauren did my hair.  She is the BEST to travel with!

harem-pants-gone-wrongSo these are probably the biggest risk I took the whole weekend aside from wearing shorts.  I picked up these harem pants from a thrift store over a year ago and have dying to wear them.  I decided to pull them up to my knees to create a blousey effect.  Which I realize now, was not the right move.  They are much more flattering to wear as actual pants at the ankle.  You live and you learn.  I also didn’t do my hair this day and only have minimal makeup on so taking this picture was extra hard for me.

Being that this was a girl’s weekend, everyone shared insecurities that they had.  What I loved about this group was that the concerns were voiced and then moved past.  No one let their insecurities keep them from having a fun time.  And, of course, everyone was super supportive and would go out of their way to make you feel good about yourself.  Aside from just having ridiculous amounts of fun this weekend taught me a lot about myself.  I’m grateful that, even at my age (super old, you guys) I can still grow and make positive changes.



  1. says

    You look amazing, as usual. I wish you loved the camera because you’re so photogenic and look amazing in all your fun outfits. Yay for girls trips too!!

  2. says

    You are DEF young enough and skinny enough for a two piece suit! And that black hi-lo dress is stunning on you! Looks like a ton of fun. My friends all have young children, so the thought of going on vacation with them is a dream. Sadly, just a dream for now. Soon enough these little munchkins will be 5 or 8 and can stay with grandma for a few days. :)

    • says

      Thank you for your sweet words. :) I have been super lucky that my girl’s trips were able to start back up pretty quickly after I had kids. I truly find myself recharged after and cherish that quality time with my fave gals.

  3. laura says

    oh girl you have NOTHING to worry about as you are adorable. But I love the fact that you are keepin it real. Bring the R-E-A-L . . .it’s so refreshing. btw – you are STUNNING HOT in that black dress! me-ow! ;)

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