Family photo session by Dez and Tam Photography

My mother in law (above) recently celebrated a birthday.  We had a small party at my house and I was so glad I got to make a little bit of a fuss over her.  She is one of the reason’s that I get to have an amazing life filled with awesome experiences.  She is always the first person to jump at the chance to watch my kids so I can attend an event, participate in a challenge or just go on a trip and have a relaxing time.  She helps me craft and sew and cook for all my parties and is super fun to gossip with.  Her brother and sister-in-law were in town from Hawaii to celebrate with us so I wanted to take the opportunity and get some family photos done.  As our gift to her, I hired Dez and Tam to come capture the family.

I’m going to let the photos speak for the talent of Dez and Tam but to me, their style is the best.  They truly capture the person (people) they are shooting.  Our family loves to laugh so this shoot was filled with giggles, jokes and maybe a few bribes to get the littlest to smile.  But I did just notice that it looks like my son is trying to pick pocket his cousin in the photo above.

My hearts!

We have various versions of this picture from throughout the years.  I am really looking forward to seeing how this plays out when my son is about 15.

Email Dez and Tam for rates and to schedule your family photos.  I now count them as friends and am so lucky to have their family in my life!!  And I know my whole family will cherish these photos as much as I do.














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