Family Fun at Knott’s Merry Farm

So, its official.  My family watches A Charlie Brown Christmas a lot.  We found this out in a really funny way a few weeks ago when my family was invited to experience the holiday family fun at Knott’s Berry Farm – now Knott’s Merry Farm.  All of the invited bloggers were treated to some extra special fun at the park including a fun trivia contest with cool prizes.  Most of the questions were based on the aforementioned movie.  Let’s just say my family cleaned up.  Including my 5 year old answering questions on his own that I didn’t even know the answer too.  But you don’t have to be a Peanut Head (I just coined that term, feel free to use it) to have holiday family fun at Knott’s Berry Farm.

Now through January 1, your family can watch holiday-themed plays at the Bird Cage Theater.  This is totally family friendly and they are just long enough to keep the kids entertained.  I think this is a great introduction to live theater for kids as the theater is intimate, the plays are filled with music and the atmosphere is festive.  Being in the Bird Cage brought back so many fun memories.  We used to watch the shows there that were interactive.  You would get to boo and his at the villains and cheer for the good guys.  I wonder if they still do that?

The whole park is decorated for the holidays and there are many great photo opportunities.  Of course your family must search out Santa Snoopy.  How cool is he?  And Santa and Mrs. Claus are around too.  You can get some Christmas shopping done with their craft village and enjoy strolling carolers.  Gingerbread cookies can also be found throughout the park for a holiday snack.  And don’t miss the Winter Wonderland Show in Camp Snoopy.  The kid’s will  love it!

The parade is so cute!  The length is perfect for families and includes all your favorite Peanuts characters and Santa too!  The floats are all pretty tall making visibility great from wherever you stand.  The parade runs December 17-23, 26-30 and January 1.

My favorite part of the Knott’s Merry Farm, though, was “Snoopy’s Christmas Light Spectacular.”  From dusk until the park closes, Camp Snoopy is turned in to a magical place.  We got there before the lights turned on and sat down to wait.  When the lights came on, they were accompanied by a rave-like version of the theme to A Charlie Brown Christmas.  See those snowflake shapes lit on the ground?  That turned in to my 5 year old’s dance floor and he danced his little heart out.  When the song finished (there was some applause for my son, just sayin’) we walked around Camp Snoopy to see all the lights.  Don’t miss this!  You might be tired and ready to get the kids home and in bed but you HAVE to check this out.

I almost walked right past this part but my son pointed it out.  They project parts of the movie on the rock wall by Lucy’s Lunchbox.  How cool is that?!

Unfortunately the “It’s Christmas, Snoopy” Ice Show was not happening the day we visited the park, but I remember it from days of yore.  It is not to be missed and has probably been improved upon since then.  Check show times at the gate but you can see it December 17-20, 22-24, 26-27, 29-31 and January 1.

Also, The Log Ride has been transformed in to Elf Mountain!  So cute!  Remember all of these shows and activities are included in regular ticket prices.  Check the Knott’s Berry Farm website for park hours and pricing!


all photos are mine.

*My family was given admission to the park and plied with cookies and cocoa but all opinions are mine.  We love Knott’s Berry Farm.










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