Fake Germain {Ikea food hack}

I can’t believe I am just sharing this with my readers now.  While I did mention this tip in a guest post for Celebrations.com, I first used this “Fake Germain” a year ago at my son’s 2nd birthday.  What the heck is Fake Germain, you ask?  Well I’ve had my eye on a bottle of St. Germain Elderflower liqueur for quite some time after falling in love with a delicious champagne cocktail at Mesa.  But a large bottle is around $35.  I just can’t do it.  But I found this elderflower concentrate at Ikea in a party preparatory shopping trip and thought I would give it a try.  As you would with St. Germain, you simply pour a bit in your flute and top with champagne.  The concentrate not only jazzes up your champagne, but also makes a delicious, non-alcoholic punch.  Thank you again, Ikea.  Oh and this bottle is $4.49.  It is the best saft flader I’ve ever had.




  1. […] I was sent the White Cheddar Rosemary cookies to pair with the red wine (the cookies on the left).  Intense flavor that you would usually find in a cracker, but in a cookie consistency.  It was crumbly and delightful.  The wine stood up really well with the vibrant cheddar flavor.  On the right you will see the cookies meant to be paired with a sparkling wine.  There were Zesty Lemon, Sea Salt Chocolate Oatmeal and Parmesan Thyme.  My fave was the Sea Salt Chocolate Oatmeal.  It was the best of an oatmeal chocolate chip cookie with the perfect amount of saltiness.  We served these with Prosecco.  And we didn’t get too far in to the Prosecco before I pulled out my fave elderflower concentrate. […]

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