Fabric Wrapped Suckers

Fabric wrapped lollipops for kids partiesHere is how you take some super awesome fabric and wrap your boring old suckers to make them next level.  Sure you can hand a kid a lollipop and they will eat it.  But you can also hand your kid a decorated lollipop and watch their eyes light up even bigger.  Ahhh, to be young…

Fabric wrapped lollipop diy materialsYes that is acid washed denim, thanks for asking.  You don’t HAVE to use the denim but then your suckers won’t taste like the 80’s.  Just grab some fabric, some sort of adhesive (I used Glue Lines) suckers and scissors.

fabric wrapped lollipop how to

Cut a small piece of fabric, use your Glue Lines to make sure that the fabric sticks to the sucker stick (or else it will slide right off the end) and use a second piece to secure the fabric to itself after you have wrapped it around the sucker.  Sure you can leave the excess and make it more like a sucker flag.  But am I alone here?  I dislike party stuff that just gets in the way for the sake of trying to jazz something up.  By keeping the fabric cut short, it adds a nice amount of decoration without being a nuisance.

fabric embellished suckers for kids birthdaysI first used these at one of my son’s birthday parties.  This is a great way to add in whatever color scheme you are trying to use, cohesively, to the party favor or food table.  And I didn’t do it to ALL the suckers in the jar.  Just enough to add some visual interest.  I’m not totally cray cray.  (I’ve never used that before, did I pull it off?)

acid washed denim wrapped black and white striped suckersNow I have to go listen to some Bon Jovi.



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