Egg Shaped Feather Craft Fail

egg shaped feather wreathIt started out as a good idea.  I mean, an egg-shaped feather wreath sounds great for Easter, right?  I made up a quick one to see if it as, indeed, cute.  I showed my mom.  She looked at me like I was crazy.  So I blame her for the tutorial not working out.  I thought it was cute enough to share with you so I decided to do the full tutorial the next day.

crafting with wireSo I forgot how I did the first one.  And the more I tried to figure it out the dumber it got.  I had wire everywhere.  It started scratching my table.  I was bummed.  On a side note, feathers are the pits.  If you’ve ever bought them from the craft store you know that when you open up the bag, little tiny feather pieces float through the air.  Straight up in to your nose.  They litter your counter and as you go to wipe them up they just float away again.

feather wreathBut I kept going.  Because in my head I knew it would end up cute.  I had pictures of it all styled up in an Easter setting and just knew people would pin the crap out of it.  But the feathers wouldn’t stay and the gold thread I used to tie the feather to the wire shape kept coming undone.  What the!?!

egg shaped feather wreath tutorialThis is the first one I made.  Kinda cute, right?  It’s ok, I can take it.  It could be improved on.

feather wreaths for easterSo I failed this craft.  One that I made up.  I’m starting to learn that my crafts turn out a lot like my cooking.  It can go very wrong, very quickly.  So, if you like this idea, feel free to use it and make it even better.  And now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go eat a jumbo sized box of Nerds.  As an appetizer to dinner.  Which may or may not include ice cream.



  1. says

    I cracked up when I read this because I totally feel your pain… I tried to use feathers in some fall projects last year and they are the biggest P-in-the-A!!! Better luck next year. ;)

    • Sharon Garofalow says

      Sometimes I don’t even try to make things because I expect them to fail. But if someone can take the idea and make it better that is all I can hope for. :)

  2. Alexandra Hedin says

    You kill me! And now I feel like “challenge accepted.” Can I do this? We will see. Happy Monday

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