Easy Wire Wall Signs for Halloween

pink and blackSo this is as spooky as I get for Halloween.  I’m a scaredy cat who would prefer to stay home on Halloween, not answer the door and be safe in my bed.  But I have kids, I’m an adult and I’m not lame.  (Ok, the last one might be debatable).  But I have been wanting to play around with wire for a while.  This seemed like the perfect occasion.  And I’m SO in to white pumpkins this year.  They are totally my jam.  I like how they look all squished and lopsided.  I think that is just perfect.

Black-wireWire signs are super easy to make.  You just need wire.  And scissors.  Duh.  My wire was 12 gauge.  Why does that make me think of rap songs and shot guns?

twist-wire-in-to-lettersAnd you need to be able to twist things in to specific shapes.  I love this gauge wire because it is easy to bend, holds it’s shape really well and doesn’t get all kinked up in the process.

black-and-pink-halloween-decorI kind of love it.  Its graphic, its kind of cute, its easy and it took me only a minute.  Can’t stop, won’t stop with bright pink, FYI.

easy-halloween-sign-diyAnd now that you know how easy these signs are, you can make them for anything.  Kind of adorbs for a kid’s name to hang in their room, right?  Maybe twisted in to “welcome” for by your front door.  And I would also love to spell out “happy birthday” for a  celebratory garland.  If you made one of these signs, what would it say?



  1. laura londergan says:

    so fun . . sharing today on my biz page! ;)

  2. So simple. So cute.

  3. Oh, dear. These are too cute!

    (I lovelovelove Halloween decor and am proud to say that I’ve passed the obsession onto my kids! That’s a win, right?! :))

  4. this is awesome! have any extra wire? :) i want one!

  5. What a cute idea..so clever and easy! and affordable!


  6. Love love love this. I’m scared of creepy Halloween decor and totally act like a baby.. no scary movies in this house!

  7. Simple, but cool……my kind of crafting!

  8. booy-yah!! easy and simple but cute and effective is right up my alley, sister. and yay to hot pink tape 4-eva. yeah, i guess i’d spell Boo-ya! or my boo… haha xo

  9. Very cute!

  10. Cute! I’m not so crafty but I think I could swing this!

  11. You come up with the best and easiest DIY projects ever. Love this and love how doable it is.


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