DIY Neon sign with El Wires

tutorial for diy neon sign on plywoodI don’t know if you have heard of El Wires but I have been wanting to fiddle with them for a while now.  Earlier in the summer a few gals and I were supposed to do a photo shoot and one of my projects was going to use El Wires.  The shoot didn’t end up happening but I still wanted to see what these little wires could do.  I love neon signs and even when the battery operated wires are turned off, the color mimics the look of real neon quite nicely.

diy neon sign with El WiresAll you need is a piece of plywood, a hammer, nails and an El Wire kit.  El Wires can be found many places on line and the price varies like crazy.  The 9′ orange/red color that I bought was about $8 from Amazon.  But I will tell you, it was not nearly as bright as I had hoped it would be.  I’m wondering if the more pricey options really are a better quality and would be worth the money.  I’ll update this post if I ever decide to compare them.

First decide what shape you want to make.  In this case we decided to make a star but you could do initials for a wedding, etc., then hammer in your nails.

If your husband’s drill was charged you could go ahead and make a small hole near the bottom of the board to string the El Wire through and hide the battery pack nicely in the back.  If your husband’s drill is not charged plus you are afraid that you will lose your fingers if you try to use it by yourself, just tape down the battery pack and extra wires to the back of the board.

Pull the El Wire snugly around the back of the board so you can begin to wrap your shape.

Neon El WIres and Plywood DIYThe El Wires are very flexible so you will wrap them around the nails to create whatever pattern you set out to create.

Neon Star DIY on plywoodMake sure to finish the shape closest to where you brought the wire around from the back at the beginning.

Tape the remainder of the El Wire to the back of the board.

DIY neon star tutorial using El Wires and plywoodAnd then you are done.  I love how the finished product looks.  The color of the El Wire is so much more vibrant than you can get with yarn or string.

neon star DIY on plywoodThis is the best I could get with my paltry photography skills.  As you can see, when turned on, the El Wires were not crazy bright like I had hoped.  But I can tell you that it is still displayed in my son’s room because he loved it.

What other ways would you use El Wires?



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