Delicious Vinyl

I love things that are reusable. But sometimes things get damaged. Whether your party gets a bit raucous or just moving them from party to party, you inevitably lose great party decor. What I love about theses placemats is that they are reusable but also inexpensive enough ($1.95 each!) that if one does get damaged, you could totally replace it without feeling like you can’t go on that family vacation you have been dreaming of. While these placemats are sweetly doily-like, the fun colors (blue, black and pink) and the textured vinyl makes them so much cooler. I love that you could work these in to any kind of theme party and really make the decor stand out. But at the same time, blend in…Does that only make sense in my head? I picture a hot pink tablecloth with several of the black placemats lined up end to end to create a runner down the center of the table. Totally dramatic. Or use the pink mats on pink tablecloth to create interest but not draw attention away from something like a centerpiece. I’m also picturing these strung together sort of like an over sized Mexican prayer flag. I really need to put these on my Christmas list. What do you think, 10 of each color? Available through

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