Cool New Site for Soccer Lovers

My husband is a soccer lover.  So much so that we all race for the TV on weekends so that we don’t get stuck watching soccer games all day.  He just showed me this cool new site, Paetra, that some of his friends are involved with me that I thought I would pass it along to you as well.  Not only is this site awesome for young soccer players to “meet” pro players and find out their stories, but there are also some pretty awesome t-shirts for sale.  This is huge for me because I never know what to buy my husband and now I have a good resource.

The coolest part is that for each shirt sold, a portion is donated by Paetra to non-profit soccer clubs to help cover their expenses and develop future star players.

The shirts were designed by some well-known pro players (well, not well know by me but if any of you follow soccer or your husbands force you to watch Fox Sports Soccer channel, you might know them).  The shirt directly above was designed by Chance Myers with a nod to his love of street art.  There is more to these players than just a dedication to their sport and an insane athletic talent.  And how awesome of them to be part of a company designed to give back!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go erase some games from the DVR while my husband is at work so my reality shows have somewhere to tape.  I can’t be tardy for THAT party.

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