Cookies and Corks: Two of my favorite things


When I got an email about Cookies and Corks by Cookie Zen I immediately needed to know more.   I mean, cookies that you are supposed to pair and enjoy with wine????  Done.  Last week I had a little get together with some local bloggers and thought it would be the perfect time to try out these Cookies and Corks cookies.

We’ve all seen wine and cheese pairings, we’ve seen wine and chocolate pairings.  But this whole Cookies and Corks pairing is totally new, at least to me.

When you tell Lauren, “Hey, let’s have a little get together but keep it super simple and not really worry about decorating or anything,” she’ll agree with you.  But then she’ll show up at your door with a box of decorations and then just casually drape garlands around your house.  I love Lauren.

We set out some fun glassware for the ladies to choose from and kept the drinks easy with just Cabernet and Prosecco per the Cookies and Corks webpage pairing suggestions.

I was sent the White Cheddar Rosemary cookies to pair with the red wine (the cookies on the left).  Intense flavor that you would usually find in a cracker, but in a cookie consistency.  It was crumbly and delightful.  The wine stood up really well with the vibrant cheddar flavor.  On the right you will see the cookies meant to be paired with a sparkling wine.  There were Zesty Lemon, Sea Salt Chocolate Oatmeal and Parmesan Thyme.  My fave was the Sea Salt Chocolate Oatmeal.  It was the best of an oatmeal chocolate chip cookie with the perfect amount of saltiness.  We served these with Prosecco.  And we didn’t get too far in to the Prosecco before I pulled out my fave elderflower concentrate.

Cookies and Corks also has some cookies to pair with white wine that sound absolutely amazing!  Check out all their products and pairing ideas on their site.  And check their store locator to see if you can buy them locally in your area or you can always purchase them online here.

And what are those big brown things, you ask?  Yeah.  Those are donut hole brownies.  I saw the recipe a few days before the get together and how can you not make them?  I will be making them again.  And once the other girls showed up I forgot to take pictures!  I was too busy stuffing my face and laughing.  It was a good night.


*I was sent these cookies for free.  The review and opinions are mine.  I can’t be bought with cookies (alone).





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