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Photo by Cupcakes and Cutlery

I don’t always serve a full lunch to my party guests.  With all the food allergies and preferences, sometimes it is just too hard.  I set the party for an off time and fill people up (hopefully) with sugar and love.  But this year, the opportunity to have the world’s coolest food truck come and feed our guests popped up.  Yes, that is it above.  A freaking fire truck!  A fire truck with gourmet pizzas, kid friendly activities and the most amazing service and staff around.  Company 77 is who you need to cater your next party!  I’m convinced they are the best food truck in Orange County.

As I had already set out to keep my son’s 3rd birthday fairly low key, I didn’t want to change the theme and do a full on fire truck themed party – but how cool would that be!!  The Company 77 truck pulled up in front of my house and immediately turned on the music.  And the party started.  The staff began setting up so that the pizzas could start cooking but they always made sure that the guests were taken care of and shown every feature of the truck.  I don’t know how they did it all but they made it look easy and everyone loved it.  The staff created the most amazing atmosphere.

Photo by Cupcakes and Cutlery

Here is the birthday boy and my daddy checking out the truck.  When I asked my son what his favorite part of the party was he said the fire truck.  Duh.  I think that would be the answer for any guest at the party.  But the Saturday after the party my son asked when the fire truck and pizza were going to show up.  He was pissed when I told him it wasn’t.  And quite frankly I was bummed too.

Photo by Cupcakes and Cutlery

They have thought of everything for this truck.  There are so many bells and whistles but they are all kid friendly and encouraged to be played with.

The have turned the jump seat in to a photo booth and you can fit up to 3 people in there.  All you have to do is press that red button on the side and smile pretty.

Photo by Cupcakes and Cutlery

Company 77 brings along a bunch of dress up clothes and hats, in all sizes, for the kids to play with.  They all loved this part!

One of the coolest parts about having Company 77 at the party was that they also helped you document your celebration.  Aside from the photo booth photos, they also take photos throughout the party and then send you a link to an online gallery that you are free to share with all the guests.

But now, on to the good stuff, the pizza.  The top of the truck is a full on kitchen!  They have a shade unit and a pizza oven.  How awesome is that?!  After the truck was all set up, the chef began preparing a variety of pizzas for the guests.  They were gourmet and delicious!  The best part was that they were able to create gluten-free and vegan pizzas for my guests with dietary needs.

Photo by Cupcakes and Cutlery

Yeah, that is a mac and cheese pizza.  Yum!!!  This one was a favorite of the kids AND adults.

But wait, there’s more!  This truck has the capability to serve beer from kegs (that you would provide)!

There are also wine bumpers (I may be way off base here but I was told this basically serves wine in a keg like way).  There are several party options to choose from when you hire the truck for a private party.  They can do the basic Arnold Palmer or help coordinate a full bar for you.  Company 77 is all about service and customizing your party.

Photo by Cupcakes and Cutlery

Um, you guys.  This truck is like totally green.  Right behind the pizza oven are the solar panels that helps it to run.  Insane!

You HAVE to try Company 77 for your next private function.  Whether you are having a small group of people or a large corporate party this is the food truck for you.  This truck is really all you need.  For real.  Go on their site to get a quote for your next party.  Feel free to email me if you want more info on the truck.  I think I may be their number one fan.

Photo by Cupcakes and Cutlery

HUGE thank you to Dez and Tam for taking such awesome pictures of the truck and the rest of the birthday party!!

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*I received a discount on my party package from Company 77.  All of these opinions are mine.


























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    We first saw Company 77 last year in Laguna Beach’s annual labor day parade. What a great idea! I am so glad to get some insight into someone who has used them! Definitely something to keep in my for my son’s 5 Birthday in July! Thanks for sharing!

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