Chic Cookie Exchange Party Inspiration

cookie exchange party for girls nightI haven’t been to a cookie exchange party in a really long time.  I think they are such a nice way to hang out with some girl friends, get to try out some new recipes AND have cookies to share with your family after the party.  I’ve only hosted one cookie exchange before.  It was before I had children and not only did my best gals come bearing delicious cookies, but we also played several rounds of poker.  Super fun.  If I get a chance to host another cookie exchange this one would be much more chic.  It would involve dressing up, sipping some bubbles and listening to good tunes with my girls.  And cookies.  Of course cookies.

champagne tray . chocolate chip cookies . chocolate truffles . dancing girls . pistachio cookies . champagne goggles . cookie decorating . cookies in Weck jar


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