Champagne for Awards Season

edible stars in champagne coupeMany of you might not know this about me but I studied TV and Film in college.  I had big LA dreams.  I interned for some pretty great casting agents but when it came time to pull the trigger and actually move to LA, I just couldn’t leave my little Orange County bubble.  I prefer more stability in my jobs and the idea of a show being cancelled or always looking for the next job did NOT appeal to me.  But what does appeal to me is awards season.  You can often find me crying right along side the best whatever winner.  I love when people share real joy.  And while the actors might just be adding a little something extra for the cameras, it gets me every time.  I don’t throw a big bash to celebrate the awards shows, but if I did I would totally add these adorable edible gold stars to everyone’s champagne.

champagne and cheese ball for awards season entertainingThe stars like to cling to the bubbles and they start to dissolve and turn the champagne a bit yellowish.  But I still kind of love it.  Oh yeah and I’d serve it up with a cheese ball.  Instant party.

easy flair for the awards shows and partiesAnd it wouldn’t take much more to turn to turn it in to a real legit party with some simple gold flair.  The Golden Globes are this Sunday.  Will you watch?




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    this is hilarious! we were totally meant to be friends. i had big hollywood aspirations too but one summer internship in the NBC publicity department killed those dreams real quick ;) i’m SUCH a sucker for awards shows…my dream is to be a seat filler for the oscars some day.

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