2013 Gift Guide for the Kids

Welcome to day 2 of my gift guides! I love to put these gift guides together and share the things I think are cool. None of these are sponsored and they are truly things that I would love to give or get!

Amazon is a great resource for gift shopping for the holidays and any time of the year.  Did you know that you can choose a charity to give back to while you shop?  I’ve chosen to link up my Amazon account with Operation Shower to help them raise money that they need to keep the organization going.  Simply head to Amazon Smile and search for Operation Shower (based in St. Louis, MO) and then shop as usual.
for-the-kids-2013-graphicgift guide for kids1: Outside the Lines 2:  Gold Lightening Bolt Shwings  3:  Ninja Champ Shirt  4:  Dude – Hi 5 SetIce Cream Truck Play House  6:  Beanie with Gems  7:  Neon Pink Heart Shwings

My youngest really likes to do activity books.  He gets them out and does them as “homework” right along with his older brother.  He especially likes the ones with shapes and more artistic images.  I’ve ordered (#1) for him and know he will love it!  And how amazing is that Ice Cream Truck Play House(#5)?!   While it is almost as big as our main living room, I can just imagine the imaginative play that the kids would have with it!

2013 holiday gift guide for kids8:  Crystal Saguaro Kit  9:  Owl Hat  10: Make Your Own Chewing Gum Kit 11: Draw Inspire Create 12: Lego Crazy Action Contraptions Kit 13:  Silver Sparkle Jacket  14:  Cool Blocks Set  15: Melissa & Doug Smarty Pants Card Set

I adore this owl hat (#9) from Krochet Kids.  Find out why I love them here.  A friend of mine told me about that Lego book (#12) and my oldest will be getting it.  The small set of Legos that comes with the book can be used to make a bunch of contraptions.  It is a nice change from the huge sets of Legos we have and seems just as fun.

See last year’s Kid’s Gift Guide and Books.

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Cool Kids Book: When Miles Got Mad

When Miles Got Mad BookI have a son named Miles who gets mad.  About EVERYTHING.  He clenches his fists, growls and scowls when we go to school, run errands, mention we are going to the zoo, talk about taking a bath.  His first reaction is always anger.  Of course, he always ends up enjoying the activity.  I mean, what little kid wouldn’t have fun at the zoo?  But it is exhausting.  When I saw this book, When Miles Got Mad, I HAD to have it.  I would have bought it if it was a Matt that got mad but the fact that it was his actual name made it too perfect to pass up.  And I love anything from Ruby’s Studio.  We have Sally Simon Simmons’ Super Frustrating Day in bedtime story rotation so I knew this new book was going to be great too.

Cool Kids Book When Miles Got MadI love how they used photography and illustrations together in this book.  Not only is the book a great story about managing your anger, but it is done in a very aesthetically pleasing way too.  The story is about two brothers who are playing together and something gets broken.

Great book for kidsThe book explains that when you are angry, you turn in to a monster (although I think this monster could have been drawn a bit scarier – he’s still quite cute).  The only way to make that monster go away is to calm down and use your words.  In the end, Miles sees that his reaction was bad and he understands how to handle the situation with his brother better.

Such a cute book!  If you haven’t checked out the Ruby’s Studio books or videos you really need to.  My family loves them!

*NOT a sponsored post.  We love these books and I want you to love them too.

Land of Nod is coming to Orange County!

land of nod clip hook setAre you as excited as I am about the Grand Opening of the Land of Nod store at South Coast Plaza?!!  The store opens on Friday, May 31, 2013 and is located in the Crystal Court section of the mall near the Crate and Barrel store.  Remember how I fell in love with them after Alt Summit?  I can’t wait to see all the items in person.  And it couldn’t be a better time considering we have only been in our new house a week.  I’m totally in the market for rad home decor.  Land of Nod will be holding giveaways all opening day and has free goodies for those who arrive early to shop.  Will I see you there?  Here are a few of the things that I will be checking out:

These wall clips pictured above, are awesome!  My kid’s create a lot of art work in school and these would be such an easy way to display it.  We are also talking about doing a gallery wall in our front room and these would be such a cool way to be able to change out a few pieces, from time to time, to keep things fresh.

ansel teak deskI am in need of a cool, simple desk for my bedroom.  I am a big fan of this teak desk.  It would fit perfectly where our existing desk sits but I probably would totally bring this out when we entertain…I love the wood and metal together.  It has great lines and I want it.  (I’m stopping just short of stomping my feet with my hands in fists…).  I’m excited to check out all of their other furniture as well!

bocce ball for kids from Land of NodThis kid’s indoor bocce ball set is such a great gift idea!  I love how bright the colors are.  My husband’s grand father was a great bocce player.  It would be cool for our kids to learn the game too.

doub unpluggedThe buyers for Land of Nod have impeccable taste.  Their eye for great graphic design is evident in everything from their bedding to their custom art prints to their curated selection of books.  This Doug Unplugged book is adorable and the perfect message for today’s kids.  Get off your devices and get outside.  My oldest son NEEDS this book!

orange robo throw pillowMy oldest son’s room is pretty small and I’m keeping his bedding really simple.  These robot pillows would be perfect for adding a little pizzaz.  And what kid doesn’t love a robot?

wow thats a big lamp greenCurrently, we do not have a light in our living room.  We get by with the light from the television and entry way light.  It is not ideal but until we find a light my husband and I can both agree upon, that will have to do.  I can’t wait to show him this green lamp!  It is such a fun pop of color and I love the industrial look of it.

Not in Orange County?  You can still shop the store online.  And don’t forget to follow them on Pinterest and Instagram.   This is one company that really knows how to work their social media.  I find their Pinterest and Instagram feeds SO inspiring!

I would love to hear your thoughts on the store after you visit!
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Shwings for your Kid’s Shoes

Shwings are wings for your shoesHow cool are those Shwings, wings for your shoes?!  I have to be honest, I have seen these on the cool kids on Instagram and wasn’t sold.  They were certainly not something that I had to run out and buy for my boys.  How lucky then, that Shwings were included in our goody bag from the Rockin Boys Club launch party (btw, have you checked out Rockin Boys Club yet?  LOVE that site!)?!  Because I am now in love with these.

Shwings mustache for your shoesMy oldest son is currently very in to mustaches.  I hope he has no plans on growing one of his own (he is 7 but his dad still has trouble growing facial hair and he is well over 7…).  His head exploded when I showed these to him.  And then we were late for school lacing them on to his shoes.  But it was well worth it.  His feet were the talk of the class.  And I got a huge laugh as I was walking away from dropping him off that morning after hearing him say to the teacher, “looks like my shoes could use a shave.”  The side we have facing outward is flat black with a hint of shine.  The opposite side is this really fun black glitter finish.  I love that these would be right at home on girls or boys.  It’s the details, people.  And that touch of fluorescent green around the edges is super awesome.

wings for your kids shoesI had no idea I loved neon as much as I do.  And this BRIGHT coral orange made me, and my youngest son, SO happy.  I worried that he might think he could actually fly with these wings.  He has not yet tried, to my knowledge.  Or else he really can fly.  Shwings would make a great gift for every kid.  Check out their site to see all their varieties.  For about $8 you can’t go wrong.

*This is not a sponsored post.  While I was given these for free as part of a gift bag, I was under no obligation to share with my readers.  I truly think Swings are awesome and wanted you to know about them.

Cube Figures Gigo Blocks

cube figures cool toy for kidsMy son’s and I are in love with these Cube Figures by Gigo Blocks.  I picked these up for them as souvenirs from my trip to Salt Lake City in January.

cube figures building toyThe sets come in a small bag and the pieces pop together.  The characters are totally creative and they come with a hook so you can hang it from your backpack if you want.

cool building toy for kidsThese would make perfect stocking stuffers, party favors and your kid’s are sure to love them!!  You can buy them on Amazon!

These adorable little toys are made by Magnote.  Check out their full line of rad toys here.  I want to get my hands on those Play Deco toys!