Summer Survival Kit for Moms

Put together this simple summer survival kit for all your mom friends. They will love you forever. OMG! Summer. We have a week of school left and then it is hot days, 24 hours of kids, vacation planning stress and filling long afternoons with activities to keep the kids from getting bored. I came up with this summer survival kit for moms. If you make these for your best gals or your favorite school moms, I promise you they will love you forever. 
Gift idea for moms for summer time. A Mom's Summer Survival kit.
I found the CUTEST storage box at Daiso (a Japanese dollar store) but any cute little holder will do. I didn’t want the container to take up too much room. And I wanted it to be closed so that little hands couldn’t easily make off with the candy. Mom’s allowed to have a candy stash too. Summer gift idea for moms. This summer survival kit is full of all the things to keep mom sane this summer: booze, candy, beauty and cute accessories. I filled it with all kinds of fun things that any mom would love. A cute hair accessory for those days by the pool is an excellent idea. A sunscreen that is all her own and made for women is another great item. Quick dry nail polish is perfect because while your schedule might be a little less stressful during summer vacation than during the school year, it’s not like you can really sit around and leisurely let your nail polish dry. And don’t forget to add in a special treat (like a Susie Cakes gift card) that she can use when she deems necessary whether it’s to bribe the kids to do something she wants to do or just steal away for a quick cupcake on her own. Here is the perfect gift to give your mom friends. A  summer survival kit. Look for items that make mom feel like a kid at heart but with finer tastes. A nice chocolate bar (save the Hershey’s for your campfire s’mores), gourmet gum, a lip balm that is all her own.

Summer survival kit for moms. Give these to all your mom friends on the last day of school. And don’t forget to really make her happy with some of the ingredients to make a delicious, refreshing cocktail and don’t forget the copper mug. Wouldn’t you love to get this kit!?! Wishing all you moms out there a fantastically fun summer with a little “me” time thrown in!

Here is another quick gift idea for your mom friends. And if you need a moscow mule recipe here is a traditional version, a strawberry version and a Mexican version.

Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Fun Father's Day gift idea! Matching socks or socks with a funny saying on them. Father’s Day is fast approaching! We don’t get crazy with gifts in our family for these minor holidays. It is mostly about spending time together and really making Dad feel special. But you know I love a good gift so I though I would share some Father’s Day gift ideas with you. I never venture in to the men’s sock department because, why? But I saw this set by Pair of Thieves and thought they would be the perfect gift for Dad. Matching socks? The cutest. And how many times have you heard “Go ask your mother.”  Now all he has to do is point to his socks. Get these at Target!
Death and Co. Modern Classics Cocktail Book is awesome. Would make a great Father's Day gift!I bought this Death & Co cocktail book for myself (to research my punch creating) but it is FANTASTIC! This is perfect for your cocktail loving guy. There are classics in here and modern takes. It’s shot really beautifully and feels masculine. You would never have to buy another cocktail book, like, ever. 

Father's Day gift idea, create a custom cocktail for your husband! Sometimes it isn’t about the gift but the thought behind it (remember when my family created a concrete vase post for me for Mother’s Day?). Why not take a liquor that your husband loves and come up with a custom cocktail recipe for him. Gather all the ingredients, give it to him with the recipe card and tell him that you made it based on his beverage preferences. If I were to make something for my husband it would definitely start with Whiskey and Pepsi…

Coolest remote control Nerf gun makes a really fun gift for Father's Day.This remote control Nerf Combat Creatures TerraDrone is a game changer. When my son’s friend brought it over for a playdate, I freaked out. It’s AWESOME! I made them give me a turn and promptly texted my husband a photo. Then he asked for a video and we so bummed he wasn’t there to try it. This is the perfect gift for the kid at heart.

Need even more ideas? See below! You know that I like to keep price points reasonable, especially for Father’s Day, but I had to include the Melin hat because it is perfect for the fashionable dad or guy who has everything. And the Alexander Wang white t-shirt is my husband’s absolute favorite so I thought I would include it for the guy who likes the finer things. And if you want to give your guy something practical, Harry’s has some great shave kits!

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Gift idea for the Cocktail and Candy Lover

Great gift idea for your cocktail and candy loving friends! How great is that?! It is a decanter full of my favorite candy! As you know, my birthday was this month. I got some ridiculsouly amazing gifts this year including a plane ticket to see my favorite band play in Reno, NV., a book on how the President’s partied throughout history (like who was in to the ale and who practically invented cocaine) and my husband hired a manicurist to come to my house and do pedicures for me and my friends. But this gift was the most thoughtful ever and I had to share it with you. I LOVE Nerds in a borderline, not-okay way. So when Lauren showed up with a decanter full of them, consider my mind blown. Of course I love that it is my fave candy but also that I can reuse the decanter for my favorite liquor. But I think I need to just keep it filled with Nerds. Before I used to eat WAY too many from the king size boxes. But this way I can pour some in to a bowl (it’s far too heavy to pour straight in to your mouth. Not that I tried that…) and keep an eye on your serving size.

Great gift idea for your cocktail and candy loving friends! She brought it all cute with some other amazing gifts in a wooden tray. But you could easily bring just the decanter filled with your friend’s favorite candy and be a gift giving super hero. Thank you again, Lauren! You sure knew how to sweeten my day. Get it…Groan.

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Coffee Lover Free Printable

free coffee printable with touches of leopard print for the coffee and animal print lover. Happy hump day, yo. As I get older, I’ve become really in to coffee. Not only do I look forward to my morning cup beginning the night before but I also enjoy finding those places that serve really delicious coffee. I also love the community aspect of coffee. I love how you can sit and enjoy a cup with someone and use it as a way to really connect and spend time with them. I began drinking coffee, right out of college, rather by necessity when I commuted to Los Angeles for my internship. Although I was getting plenty of sleep at night, the monotonous, stop-and-go drive was enough to make me feel like I was falling asleep at the wheel. The simple act of sipping something warm, helped me to focus and drive safely. Previous to this, I had enjoyed only mochas (because who doesn’t like to drink chocolate) as a desserty treat. Fast forward to today, coffee is now part of “me time.” Sure I drink it while I take the kids to school, but I also really enjoy preparing it in the morning and knowing that I am about to start my day and will hopefully make some magic happen. So I will tell you how this coffee lover free printable came to be.

Free coffee lover printable using Beastie Boys song lyricsBecause I am a music lover, certain song lyrics float around in my head. This one, by the Beastie Boys, had been an idea I had for New Year’s Eve cocktails. I reached out to one of my favorite graphic designers, Heather of River and Bridge, and since I waited until the last-minute to work on it, gave her very minimal details of what I was looking for. What came back, though was so much better. When I opened the file and saw more of a coffee cup type cup, my first thought was, “Heather is a genius.” For most of us, our day doesn’t get started without coffee. And I love that this feels empowering. Do you get that? I usually over think everything.

Free printable for coffee lovers and people in to home decorTo me, this says, don’t waste any of the day. Let’s get started and tackle what awesome things lie ahead.

Free coffee lover printableTo me it says, let’s make a change, collectively. Not just on your own, but as a community. Let’s finish the cup and DO something.

This free printable is perfect for the coffee lover in your life. Even better if they love Beastie Boys.And it is also just fun! What does it mean to you?

Download this print, frame it and remind yourself to make the most of your day. Take the day by storm and finish that cup. Sure, it sometimes takes 2 or 3 cups to get going. But use that time to plan your attack. Then tilt your head back. And finish that cup.

The song printable is set up as an 8×10 but you should be able to shrink it to fit whatever size best suits your needs. This would also make a great gift tag for a coffee lover gift!

Finish the Cup Coffee Printable

See more of Heather’s work on her site: River and Bridge

*I’m looking to do more collaborations! Let me know if you think we can work together!



Custom Tiny Prints Pillows

Custom monster pillow by Tiny Print with my son's art. I’ll be sharing my son’s 6th birthday party soon but for now I have to share this custom Tiny Prints pillow. They were super generous to send it to me. The theme of the party was “monsters” but instead of using ready-made party goods, we used his custom drawings since this is what he is really in to drawing at the moment. This custom pillow was great for decor during the party but also makes a rad keepsake for him.

Custom @tinyprints pillow with custom kid art. We made this one to match the theme for my son's birthday party. I mean, he drew a palm tree and a sun with sunglasses. I guess monsters need vacation too.

Custom @tinyprints pillow with kid's art. Perfect keepsake for kids! And after the party, it moved in to his bedroom. I wanted you to see it next a normal sized bed pillow for size. These are pretty big! They come in rectangle or square and you can use their ready-made templates for more decor friendly options. But I really love that you can upload your own artwork and get a custom-made item that you can cherish forever.

You can also follow this tutorial for making a pillow with your child’s own artwork!

Thank you, Tiny Prints, for sending me the pillow!