Custom Tiny Prints Pillows

Custom monster pillow by Tiny Print with my son's art. I’ll be sharing my son’s 6th birthday party soon but for now I have to share this custom Tiny Prints pillow. They were super generous to send it to me. The theme of the party was “monsters” but instead of using ready-made party goods, we used his custom drawings since this is what he is really in to drawing at the moment. This custom pillow was great for decor during the party but also makes a rad keepsake for him.

Custom @tinyprints pillow with custom kid art. We made this one to match the theme for my son's birthday party. I mean, he drew a palm tree and a sun with sunglasses. I guess monsters need vacation too.

Custom @tinyprints pillow with kid's art. Perfect keepsake for kids! And after the party, it moved in to his bedroom. I wanted you to see it next a normal sized bed pillow for size. These are pretty big! They come in rectangle or square and you can use their ready-made templates for more decor friendly options. But I really love that you can upload your own artwork and get a custom-made item that you can cherish forever.

You can also follow this tutorial for making a pillow with your child’s own artwork!

Thank you, Tiny Prints, for sending me the pillow!



More Holiday Gift Ideas

Cool gift idea! A speaker that is also a lightbulb and works with bluetooth to play music from your phone or iPad! I’ve already created this season’s Gift Guides, but I have come across some more great gift ideas that I wanted to share while you are all in the midst of your holiday shopping!

(I was sent a light to review) This AWOX light has my kids world turned upside down. This is a lightbulb and speaker all in one! It works with Bluetooth to play music from your phone or Ipad (with an easy to download free app). What is even better is that it comes with it’s own remote control and changes colors! This has been in my son’s room since we got it. And while I have had to confiscate the remote control during homework time, it’s a really fun gadget to have. We’ll move it to the front room when we have company, but it is the perfect speaker to have in a bedroom also. There are several versions to choose from but this is the one we have: AwoX StriimLIGHT.

Great games for kids. Good gift idea!!!(I was sent these games to review) My kids are 8 and almost 6 and we are finally finding our groove with games. They are asking to play board games and we can finally get through a whole game with no cheating and no tears if they lose. But they are also really in to puzzle type games that they can play themselves. I first came across Think Fun games when I was looking for the Robot Turtles game that I put on my first gift guides. They make awesome games for kids that are fun an educational. Gravity Maze is even up for a Toy of the Year award (you can vote!) My six year old, in particular, is going to love this Rush Hour Jr.
game. I know he will sit with it for hours.

Great book for kids. Good gift idea! (I was sent this book for review) This book is so great! It’s written by a well known blogger and it is all about teaching kids about serving others by doing one good deed at a time. I can’t think of a better time of year to talk to your kids about thinking about others. Jillee Bean and the One Good Thing is bright and cheery and illustrated beautifully. I’m not sure if your school has a program where your kid donates a book on their birthday to the library, but this would be a really great choice!

Here are some other great items I’ve found:

This awesome pave chevron cuff.

A cool weaving loom for your crafty gals.

Wooden name block puzzle for the kiddos.

Amy Poehler’s new book, Yes Please.

These peace and plaid sweatshirts from Hello Apparel are awesome.

This fun board game where you get to tell stories from growing up. The more family baggage the better!

And don’t forget to check out the gift guides I’ve already shared this holiday:


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Best Pencil Sharpener Ever

White desk with bright office supplies.Ok. You guys might think this post is crazy. Like, Sharon, you can’t possibly love a pencil sharpener this much. But it’s legit. My love is real. So much so that I want to share my love of an inanimate object with you. So much so that I sought Classroom Friendly Supplies out to do a review for them, at my request. They sent me a sleek, chic black pencil sharpener so my photos would be cuter but I have had a blue one for about 6 months. It’s kind of like part of the family now. And it’s the best pencil sharpener ever.

White and bright office space.With school starting and homework routines being set, my mom decided that my boys needed a really good pencil sharpener. I give her all the credit. She researched online, read reviews and spent time on this. It seems a good, manual pencil sharpener is hard to find. But then she came across this one by Classroom Friendly Supplies. It showed up at our house and the boys immediately started sharpening all of their pencils. I had no idea they would take to the sharpener the way I did.

Best manual pencil sharpener ever. I use only pencil for my editorial calendar and blog planning. The first time I used the pencil sharpener my world changed. I usually grab whatever dull pencil is lying around, left out by the boys. But a nice sharp pencil really does something for my productivity. We don’t have an office area set up at the house (thank you to Lauren for letting me borrow her workspace for these photos!) so the pencil sharpener sits on one of the counters in our kitchen where we keep the homework supplies. I couldn’t take a picture of it here because it is literally sitting next to a jar of mayo (unopened but still, ew gross – a result of pantry cabinet overflow) and a big jug of cranberry juice. No one wants to see that. This pencil sharpener needs to shine!

Best pencil sharpener. Ever. The pencil sharpener comes with a clamp so that it stays put when you are using it but we just hold it steady with our hands since we move it all around the house to where ever we need it. It comes in other colors as well, and they also have a discount if you buy 3 of them. And you should totally buy these for your kids teachers. They will totally want one.

Best pencil sharpener. Ever. Isn’t she pretty?

Best pencil sharpener. Ever. Recently I thought we killed ours. My kids sharpen far more pencils with it than they really need to. I was devastated. The price is not outrageous (they are $25 each) but I really didn’t want to spend another chunk of money on a pencil sharpener around the holidays). But as I was looking at the site, I came across their videos to troubleshoot problems. You guys!  It turns out that there was just lead stuck in the sharpener! I was able to take it apart, following their instructions on the video, and fix it!  World saved! This is a hearty little machine. It’s going to last you a nice, long time.

Best pencil sharpener. Ever. You see how the front part of the pencil sharpener, the metal part, is away from the body? Well, that holds the pencil and feeds it in to the blade for you as you crank. It’s so smooth and makes the nicest point. Yes, I’m a nerd and love this pencil sharpener.

The best pencil sharpener ever. For real. It's manual and it's perfect. And yes, I think it's odd that I love a pencil sharpener this much also...The shavings go right in to this little drawer that you can empty right in to the trashcan. It. is. the. best. ever. I am sure that the people on your holiday gift list don’t realize that they want this pencil sharpener. But they totally do! Or surprise them with it as a back to school present. This is THE only pencil sharpener you should ever have.

*I asked Classroom Friendly Supplies to send me a black pencil sharpener for my photos because I need you to know about this amazing product. And they did. Because they are awesome. And they are available for all your pencil sharpener needs.

2014 Holiday Wish List

My Holiday Wish List. Featuring great gift ideas for your fave gals and all the things I am asking for this Christmas.Gosh dang it I love to buy gifts for people. But guess what, I also love shopping for myself. Shocker, right? Here is what is on my holiday wish list this year!  [Read more…]

2014 Gift Guide for the Guys

2014 Holiday Gift Guide for the Guys in your life. Cool gift ideas for your man. So, as I mention every year, my husband is super hard to shop for. He gets things for free from a lot of his friends who work at cool places so the things he would want, he’d be angry if I spent money on. And he is pretty picky about the brands he will wear. I try to be thoughtful with his gifts, but sometimes I just get stuck. Here are some things I think he would like or he already has. It doesn’t help that his birthday is in November! I’ll stop my whining now but if you have a gift guide for men’s gifts, leave a link in the comments! I’d love to take a look!

So what do you get for the guy who has just about everything? A wallet ninja. Because why not. It’s handy and funny and may just be of use to him (or you) at some point. I love these Melin hats! They are a bit more than you probably pay for a hat, but they are GREAT quality and use really beautiful materials (some of them even have fish leather…um, what?!) If your guy is in to fashion, this might be a hit! Ok, so I really enjoy this floral sweatshirt, but mostly I just need for you to go to the website (Asos) and look at the entire sweatshirt section. The models crack me up! And so do some of the sweatshirts. I promise you will get a laugh! If your guy is super active, you may want to get him a Qalo ring. This is a silicon band made for guys who are in to crossfit, surfing, working with their hands, etc. where a regular wedding band might be a hazard or lost. They come in a bunch of colors and I love it because instead of having your guy go without  ring, this let’s the world know he is taken. And these slippers are like street art for your feet.

Wallet Ninja :: Leather Phone Cable :: Melin Hat :: Floral Sweatshirt ::Typeface Postcards :: Denim Refresh Spray :: The Innovators: How a Group of Hackers, Geniuses, and Geeks Created the Digital Revolution :: Harry’s Movember Set :: Qalo Ring :: Horn Glasses :: Whiskey Wedge :: Striped Sweatshirt :: Cocktail Shaker :: Graphic Slippers

2014 Holiday Gift Guide for Guys. Great gift ideas to give your manIf you read my Holiday Gift Guide for your Girlfriends, you saw the cool custom sweatshirt by Yoshirt (also a great gift idea for your guy!). Well these are custom socks by Yoshirt.  So your guy may not be into aliens and emoticons like this guy, but you can customize these socks to fit what your guy loves! Such a fun gift! Visit their instagram page to see more ideas! (full disclosure: my husband is an owner of the company – but it is ridiculously cool and I would never promote something I didn’t love!) (image above via @jiggabits).

Need more gift ideas?

Check out these great gift ideas from previous posts: Wallets made from baseball gloves, Mantry (Oh! and Mantry currently has a kickstarter going to spin off in to some cocktail sets for men as well! It’s really cool. They have an option that ships out before Christmas so if you think your guy would love a little crate of cocktails, pledge!)

And if you they need it, here is a great post for your guy to read about gifting YOU : How to Buy Last Minute Gifts  

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