Playdate Snacks for Adults

These individual Le Petite Fromage cheeses from @alouettecheese might just be the best snack ideas for adults ever! They can be a super easy appetizer or the perfect playdate snacks! #ad #ThisisCheeseBack to school is an exciting time for families. The kids get to meet new friends and a new teacher, PTA starts up again and there are school activities to plan. And the play date calendar is in full swing. While we usually focus on the snacks for the kids, I just found the perfect playdate snacks for the moms too! 

I Love Snacks

I wouldn't call these healthy exactly, but they are a natural snack that is delicious! These butter toffee corn puffs make my heart and mouth happy! I’m a snack lover. And when I see something new, I have to try it. So when I was walking through a Target on my Palm Springs getaway (Yes, we went to Target. We didn’t have our kids with us, we could wander the aisles. It was glorious!) and saw these Butter Toffee Corn Puffs on the shelf, I had to pick them up! A sweet snack gets me every time! Look for these Toffee Butter Corn Puffs at your Target! They are amazing! I didn’t open them until I got home and as soon as I did I knew I had to share these with you. They were AMAZING!!! In fact, I snatched them out of my kid’s hands so that I could take a picture of the bag before we finished them off. I had never heard of this company so I looked them up online. This is the only flavor variety they have and these are made with natural ingredients. So that’s awesome! The butter toffee flavor is perfection. The taste is unique, like a way more delicious gourmet version of a Corn Pop. The consistency is that of a Cheese Puff. And you’ll want to eat the whole bag. We sure did. Natural snacks are awesome and my new favorite are these Butter Toffee Corn Puffs! I have looked for these at Targets closer to home and have not found them. But check your chip aisle next time you are there to see if yours carries them. They are also available online (this might be new fave website!!) or at Whole Foods or Sprouts Market. This is not sponsored, it’s just a snack I think you all should know about. Because I like sharing yummy things with you. Let me know if you see these and try these Nuggets!

How to Get Through Errands with Kids

How to get through running errands with kids and also have a little treat for yourself. #sponsored #OREOmultipack #CleverGirlsPlease tell me I’m not the only one who wants to cry when I have to take my kids on errands with me? I usually try to get all the hard ones done while they are at school. But it’s summer which means they will be with me all day e’ry day. My kids aren’t bad. They actually play together better, when we are doing errands, than when we are at home. The trouble is they amp each other up and get CRAZY. Their playful tickles turn in to full on wrestling on the post office floor. They make up crazy songs and block the aisles at the grocery store. It makes me sweaty. So I really tried to think of a way to keep them entertained on our errands to make it easier on me (I HATE hearing myself holler at them the whole time and I’m sure everyone else does too) and make sure they are out of other people’s way. So I came up with these ‘Do me a Favor’ bags. We love these new 2-pack OREO snacks for summer. They are super easy to take along with you. #sponsored #OREOmultipack #CleverGirlsThe apple doesn’t fall far from the tree with these two and they love sweets. I know that if I keep a snack with me, ready to whip out at the height of their craziness, I’ve bought myself at least 2 minutes while they enjoy their surprise. I’m super excited about these OREO 2-packs. They are the perfect sized snack, easy to keep in my purse. We LOVE the new OREO 2-packs. They are the perfect way to grab a treat and run out the door. #sponsored #OREOmultipack #CleverGirlsThis size is perfect to keep at the ready in the snack cupboard so I can just grab a multipack for whoever is going with me. And you know I always put a pack in for me. Because, OREOs. Duh. These 2-pack multipacks are sold in a box of 18 and can be found at your local grocery store. They also come in Nutter Butter! Activity bags for kids to help make running errands a little less stressful. #sponsored #OREOmultipack #CleverGirlsWhen I was thinking about how to keep the kids entertained, my head kept going back to favor bags that kids usually get as they leave a party. No matter how much candy, sugar or cake they’ve had, there is always a few minutes of quiet in the car on the way home as they carefully sort through their loot. So I am calling these ‘Do me a Favor’ bags because really I’m just hoping they will do me a favor and be cool while we are on our errands. Are these perfect? No. Sometimes it takes more than a bag of tricks to keep the kids from behaving like wild animals. But they are helpful and will work more often than not. Make a 'Do me a favor' bag for your kids to help you get through running errands. #sponsored #OREOmultipack #CleverGirlsThe bags contents should be different every time. I always try to keep the kids wondering and excited about what they might find in their bag. I try to include some blank paper and markers in case we have to be in one place for a while like the DMV. They can draw, play hangman, write letters, whatever they want. It’s super versatile. I give the kids different colors so they can swap. Stick on eyebrows are a must. They can double as a mustache and are always good for a laugh. And you always want to try to make the other grocery shoppers laugh since a few aisles from now, the boys are probably going to be in their way.'Do me a favor' packs for kids to help you get through your errands in peace. #sponsored #OREOmultipack #CleverGirlsThis May, OREO launched a new 2-pack size which are super convenient as a grab-and-go snack for busy schedules. These OREO multipacks fit perfectly in to your purse, jacket pocket and oven overnight bags headed to grandma’s house. They are fantastic for when the kids start complaining that they haven’t eaten in hours. I’ve tried to explain to them that it is ok to be hungry but they just aren’t buying it. How to keep kids entertained while running errands. Retro toys. #sponsored #OREOMultipack #CleverGirlsAnd I always try to include something that they aren’t familiar with or will give me something to chat about with them. Take this California Raisin figurine. The boys had no idea who the California Raisins were but, boy, did I get to share with them how obsessed I was with them when I was little. Hence the Christmas themed figurine which mom my practically forced on me when I moved in to my first apartment and could remove it from her holiday decorating treasures. I was able to distract the boys by telling them all about how these super cool Raisins sang Motown with choreographed dance routines. And how I had a huge clock on my bedroom wall that looked like a watch that had the Raisins on them…Nerd alert. In the other child’s bag, I put a small hand buzzer from a prank kit. I know that seems counter intuitive when trying to get through errands calmly but if I can direct their attention to each other and away from the breakables, it’s less stress. Getting through errands with kids. Take a long a 'do me a favor' bag. #sponsored #OREOmultipack #CleverGirlsThese ‘Do Me a Favor’ bags are super easy to grab and easy for the kids to keep their treasures in. You can even keep a few of them already made so they are there when you need them. These would also work in a pinch if you have a playdate over, or are trying to entertain a little guest that has dropped by. How do you manage to get through your errands? All I know is that OREOS make everything better, including errands!

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