Netflix and Watermelon Mimosas for Back to School

This mimosa recipe is a great way to take your favorite summer watermelon and bring it right in to fall! Plus, now that the kids are back in school, you get the TV to yourself! Here are the Netflix Movies and TV Shows you need to be watching. (ad) #StreamTeamAmen. The kids are back in school! So grab your mom friends and share some watermelon mimosas in celebration! And in preparation of my youngest finally being in school for a full day, I’ve prepared a list of the Netflix movies and TV shows I plan on watching. Because I can.

Playdate Snacks for Adults

These individual Le Petite Fromage cheeses from @alouettecheese might just be the best snack ideas for adults ever! They can be a super easy appetizer or the perfect playdate snacks! #ad #ThisisCheeseBack to school is an exciting time for families. The kids get to meet new friends and a new teacher, PTA starts up again and there are school activities to plan. And the play date calendar is in full swing. While we usually focus on the snacks for the kids, I just found the perfect playdate snacks for the moms too!