Paint it Black : Press Play and Party

summer night party inspired by The Rolling Stones 'Paint it Black'I’m SO ready for summer!!  I mean, we really didn’t have a winter this year but still.  Don’t long, warm days sound fantastic?  There is something about a warm, sunny day that makes me immediately turn on classic rock.  I think I grew up in the wrong time period.    Gah, the music and fashion?!  LOVE!  So as I was sitting on the computer the other day, as close to a window as I could without actually being outside so I could still see the computer screen, The Rolling Stones ‘Paint it Black’ came on.  Boom.  Such a good song (is that a sitar?  One of my kids is probably going to have to learn how to play that).  A little dark maybe but perfect for outdoor entertaining at dusk.  All you need is a rustic wood table, some great vintage glassware, simple flowers and candles and pretty girls in hippie clothes.  I think my summer entertaining is going to be all about ease and going with the flow.  No stress.  Last minute invites to keep myself from over thinking everything.  Maybe trying out new cocktails or recipes but not getting worked up if they don’t work out.  Anyone think I can pull that off?  Maybe with a lot of rose…

Gorg lowball glass  .  pretty white flowers  .  rustic wood table  .  candles and flowers  .  girl in the desert

Stay Wild Part Playlist

urban jungle party inspiration - plus party playlistSo I’m sure you are all over all the Alt Summit posts but I have one more to share.  The music.  The music for the party – any party really – was really important to me.  We had the urban jungle theme and I wanted to make sure that the music added to the atmosphere.  Don’t laugh.  But the sound I wanted for the party was based on the funeral scene in Zoolander.  If you don’t remember it, which is totally possible, it had a great beat, it was instrumental, it was overly cool and felt a little urban.  But I’m pretty sure that Pandora would’t have had a channel for that so I went through my own music to see what had a similar feel.

These songs are some of my favorites right now and both the Phantogram and the Lorde nailed the sound.

And I LOVE mashups so I spent a little time researching indie/hip hop mashups.  I’ve listened to The Hood Internet before and they kill it every time.  Here are some of my favorites from the playlist.  And while Step by Vampire Weekend is not one of The Hood Internet songs, I can’t get enough of it.  And don’t even think of skipping French Montana over Beach House (!!!!)

Are you ready for Valentine’s Day?

A round up of Valentine's Day posts


Are you ready for Valentine’s Day?  Here are a few of my posts that might help you make the day a little more special for your family:

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And don’t forget this smash cake tutorial I helped Meringue Bake Shop with!

Guest Play List: Melissa of Melissa Creates

I am super duper excited to have my good friend, Melissa, sharing some of her favorite music with us today!  We text each other songs to look up all the time.  So I felt like it was time for her to do a full play list for me.  I love her styled shoots, her crafts and her recipes.  Melissa is my girl.  I heart her, big time!

melissa creates collage

I’m thrilled to be sharing my current on repeat tunes with the friends of Cupcakes and Cutlery today! I’m a music fanatic and share my faves with Sharon from time to time, I know she totally appreciates my random music messages. Most of my Fall favorites have a chill vibe but I had to throw a Hayley Williams dance song in.

Big Jet Plane is one of those songs that has you saying “where has this been my whole life”? I was baffled to find out it was released a few years ago… just when I thought I was on top of the music game.

Enjoy my current Fall faves while you create, craft and celebrate.

Guest Play List by Coco Cake Land, eh


Do you guys know Lyndsay of Coco Cake Land?  I first became aware of her through a post she did for You Are My Fave.  And crazily enough, I left her a blog comment as she was reading a post of mine from You Are My Fave.  So she emailed and we’ve been chatting ever since.  When I found out that she lived in Canada I got all excited.  I love love love Canadian band, Broken Social Scene so I asked her if she knew who they were and we got to talking about music.  Turns out, she is a bit of a musician and has even done some touring.  The coolest!  So I asked her if she would put together a play list of rad Canadian music that she likes but we, in the states, may not know about.  I have no idea how she found the time.  She’s a mom, she bakes, she blogs.  I absolutely adore her style.  Not only does she decorate cakes like, whoa, but she styles the cutest parties!  So go check her out and give her some love!

Coco Cake Land   .   Twitter   .   Facebook   .   Instagram   .   Pinterest  (you guys! her boards are insane! and she has one called ‘beautiful balloons‘.  you know I love me some balloons!)

Canadian Rock by Cupcakes and Cutlery on Grooveshark

I couldn’t find a few of the songs she sent over so if you are looking for a couple more check out:
Night Wind by Kellarissa

Hunting Holiday by White Lung

Wasn’t Said by Mecca Normal

I’m kind of in love with this play list.  I can’t wait to spend more time with it and get to know these bands!  Most of these songs would fall in to the indie rock/electronic/folk category.  So good!  There is a whole new musical world up north which seems crazy because it really isn’t that far away!  A huge thank you to Lyndsay for sharing these songs with us!

All images via Coco Cake Land