Bungalows at Pacific Edge Hotel + Giveaway!

Rent one of the gorgeous bungalows at the @PacificEdge Hotel and it includes your own private patio with delicious food and beverage service. And that view!!! #pacificedgelagunaWho wants to win a ‘daycation’ to this gorgeous Laguna Beach location? The answer is ALL OF YOU! Click through to enter the contest to win your own day use of one of the private beach bungalows at The Pacific Edge Hotel in Laguna Beach! And be warned, you are going to super jealous of the fun family beach day I had there last week! 

This rad view is what you will see off your private patio in front of your private bungalow. What is a bungalow exactly? It’s like your own private living room only a few feet from the ocean!@PacificEdge Hotel in Laguna Beach has amazing bungalows you can rent for a rad day at the beach! You can enter to win your own "daycation!" #pacificedgelagunaThe Pacific Edge Hotel (a Joie de Vivre Hotel – the same cool peeps that own the Saguaros in Palm Springs and Scottsdale!) is located about half a mile from Main Beach in Laguna Beach. Their hotel rooms have recently undergone a refresh but what I’m super excited about, especially for you locals, is their private bungalows! The hotel has 5 bungalows, each designed by a local company that you can rent for day use. Arrive right at 11 am to make sure you get the most out of your beach day. And since you don’t have to “check out” until 8 pm, you will really get to take advantage of your ocean view. The private bungalows at @PacificEdge Hotel are perfect for family days but would also be so fun with your girlfriends! #pacificedgelagunaThe hotel recently invited a few of us bloggers, and our kids, to come spend a few hours at the beach to check out the bungalows. Every single detail is thought of. From the crazy cool designs in each room, to the attendants that make sure you are well taken care of. This is THE way to do the beach. And you can enter the hotel’s giveaway for a ‘daycation’ below!The @gorjanabrand bungalow at the @PacificEdge Hotel Laguna Beach is absolutely stunning! The decor is coastal chic  and super homey. #pacificedgelagunaLocal jewelry designer, Gorjana Griffin, recently did a refresh on their bungalow and it is absolutely stunning! Everything in the room was coastal inspired with all these great layered textures and the prettiest color palette. The rooms seriously look like they are straight out of a home design magazine. Coastal decor in the @gorjanabrand bungalow at the @PacificEdge Hotel Laguna Beach. #pacificedgelagunaThe rooms are not huge, but have seating for at least 7 people plus you have a private patio right outside the door with deck furniture.  The rooms are super comfortable and I have no idea how they keep everything looking so nice considering these are being used by people getting wet and sandy on the beach below. (You can see a better view of this full room in Mary’s instagram post – bottom right corner).@PacificEdge Hotel is the best beach hotel in Orange County! The hotel offers rentable bungalows for enjoying a day at the beach in style. #pacificedgelagunaEach room has air conditioning and a flat screen TV making this a great spot for the kids (or you) to take a break from the sun (although I didn’t check to see if they get Bravo…).The Sailor Jerry Bungalow at the @PacificEdge Hotel is amazing! It's super cool and is like having your own private living room steps from the ocean! #pacificedgelagunaThe rooms also feature a kitchen area with fridge stocked with beverages to keep you hydrated. No outside food is allowed, but The Deck on Laguna Beach (one of two restaurants that are part of the hotel) can take care all of your food and beverage needs. This bungalow is designed by the Sailor Jerry Rum company. Notice that the colors are a bit darker and more masculine and a totally different vibe than the one I previously shared with you above. Bungalow rentals at the @PacificEdge Hotel include a living room with air conditioning and flat screen TV, a kitchen area, private bathroom, a private deck and so much more! #pacificedgelagunaHow relaxing does this look!!!! Hotel staff says that people rent these bungalows for a fantastic family beach day but also for bridal showers, or sometimes even to watch Sunday Football! I might even watch football if I got to watch it in one of these. The other three bungalows are designed by Fox, Billabong and XS. The Sailor Jerry bungalow at the @PacificEdge Hotel has it's own pinball machine to keep the kids entertained. #pacificedgelagunaThe Sailor Jerry room also has this cool vintage pinball machine that the kids couldn’t get enough of.When you rent a private bungalow at @pacificedge Hotel in Laguna Beach, you get a gorgeous bathroom plus kitchen area and private patio. #pacificedgelagunaAnd each room comes with a legit bathroom. This is strictly for use by those people in your bungalow with you. Which means this isn’t your typical beach bathroom. Like a normal hotel room, shampoo, conditioner and soap is provided. How awesome that you can take a quick shower to clean up before dinner if you want! My kids rinsed off in here after getting super sandy at the beach which meant I didn’t have to return home with half the beach in my car. Rent a private bungalow in Laguna Beach at the @PacificEdge Hotel! You can enter to win a "daycation" too! #pacificedgelagunaOnce you arrive at your bungalow, you don’t need to go anywhere, for anything. You will have a server to help you with all your food and beverage ordering. Best food and service by The Deck in Laguna Beach at the @PacificEdge Hotel. #pacificedgelagunaThe food from The Deck on Laguna Beach was SO delicious! This is certainly not how I usually eat while at the beach. But guess what, now that I know it’s available, I think I only want to do the beach this way…Enjoy a delicious cocktail from The Deck on Laguna on the private deck of your bungalow at the @PacificEdge Hotel. #pacificedgelagunaBecause cocktails. Alcohol is not allowed on the sand (although you can get food and regular beverages delivered right to your lounge chair), but you can enjoy one of the Deck’s specialty cocktails in your bungalow or on your patio. I mean, that view totally doesn’t suck. The drink didn’t either.This delicious lunch is served in bungalow,  by The Deck on Laguna Beach at the @PacificEdge Hotel. #pacificedgelagunaThere are lunch options to please everyone including the kids. This caprese was fresh and perfect for a beach side lunch. The burger looked crazy good and that mac and cheese was good enough for me to steal from my son. The kids are treated like VIP's in the private bungalows at the @PacificEdge Hotel Laguna Beach. #pacificedgelagunaDid I mention dessert? Along with the plated dessert options available on the menu, they also have ice cream bars for the kids. The kids definitely enjoyed the cold treat on a this hot day! Beachside service at the @PacificEdge Hotel in Laguna Beach. #pacificedgelagunaGetting to have an attendant set out a beach lounger for you is such a luxury. And look how close you are to the water. This is the perfect situation for sitting and relaxing while still being able to keep your eye on your kids playing in the water.
Family beach day in Laguna Beach. @pacificedge #pacificedgelagunaIt’s the best of everything. You get waited on and your kids get to get crazy in the water. This beach is private for the hotel so although there are people walking past, the area in front of the hotel is not that crowded. I have to be honest. I have never really taken my kids to the beach. And we live 20 minutes away. There is so much to schlep. With my skin cancer issues I shouldn’t be in the sun and I don’t understand how to lug and use a beach umbrella. You have to take lunch and snacks and drinks. And you are usually parking a long way from where you will end up. But THIS makes perfect sense to me. While we can’t afford to do this all the time, it certainly makes the idea of the beach possible for me.  Family fun in Laguna Beach. You should totally rent a bungalow at the @PacificEdge Hotel. It's like having your own living room right at the beach. Including a private bathroom with shower. #pacificedgelagunaSeeing how happy my kids were playing in the water confirmed that we need to visit the beach more. And seeing as I got married in Laguna Beach, this is and always has been our favorite beach. Spend a great family day at the beach at @pacificedge Hotel's private beach! The best way to do the beach with kids! #pacificedgelagunaBut then this makes me think otherwise…Blogger Playdate at the @PacificEdge Hotel in Laguna Beach, #pacificedgelagunaWe had such an amazing time getting to check out the bungalows at The Pacific Edge Hotel. Thank you to the hotel and staff who treated us like VIPs all day long as we enjoyed the surf and sand. Check out the hashtag #pacificedgelaguna on social media to see more pics from our fun day!

Now let’s talk pricing really quickly. The rates for these bungalows change based on the time of year and the day of the week. At the moment (July, 2015) rates start at $250 for weekdays and can be about $500 for weekends. Remember you can fit about 10-12 people per bungalow so you could easily split this cost among families or girlfriends. This price does NOT include food (again, minimums depend on several factors), gratuities or parking (over 1 car per bungalow). It’s best to check with the hotel for exact pricing and availability I just wanted you to know going in what the costs are so you can plan accordingly. I’m in the process of planning a girl’s day out here and the cost is totally worth it (as long as no one flakes out and I’m stuck with the remainder of the bill…)The food in the Bungalows at the @PacificEdge Hotel in Laguna Beach is provided by The Deck,  the only open air restaurant on the water in Laguna. And the food is AMAZING! #pacificedgelagunaDon’t you want to spend a beach day in one of the bungalows? Enter the contest via the hotel’s rafflecopter widget below! And if you win, you have to invite me…ok, you don’t but it would be way cooler if you did.

*I was invited to spend a day at the bungalows to review them. All opinions are my own. Also, this contest is only sponsored by Pacific Edge Hotel. Head to this page to read all the rules and exact prize

a Rafflecopter giveaway

And are you as obsessed with Snapchat as I am? Here is my  Snapchat Story straight from the beach! Bear with me, I’m new to Snapchat, youtube, videos etc. Not sure why there is a big black hole in there. Or why my voice sounds like I was on helium…


Refinery 29 Style Festival at the Brea Mall

Style Festival at the Brea Mall with Refinery 29! Or find this even at a Simon Mall near you! Hey Orange County peeps! Looking for something cool to do this weekend? Come check out the Style Festival at Brea Mall this Saturday, June 20th from noon to 5 pm! Refinery 29 and Simon have teamed up to bring you the latest in fashion, rad DIYs and the best in summer music! Check out the Style Stage to find out what the hottest trends for summer are. Visit the DIY and Beauty Stage to have your hair braided or make a DIY band tee! And don’t even think about missing MS MR play live! (I LOVE this band!) I’ll be there so come say hi! And be sure to follow Brea Mall on Instagram. I’ll be taking over their account from 12 – 1 pm sharing what is happening at the event!
Refinery 29 and Simon Malls team up to bring you Style Festival with great bands and fun fashion! Not in California? This event will be traveling around the country so head to one near you! And visit the Style Festival website to see all the details, like who is playing in your mall (Just an FYI, I’m seriously thinking about flying to Miami just so I can see my favorite IN LIFE, Twin Shadow). And be sure to check out the Style Festival Spotify playlist. It’s really all you need for summer.

Hope to see you Saturday!

Saturday, June 20th, 2015  .  Noon – 5 pm  . Brea Mall  .  500 Brea Mall Way 

Craziest Restaurants in America

Company 77 firetruck for the best parties in Southern California.I’m so excited to finally share something super fun that happened over spring break! My son and I had the opportunity to throw a double birthday party (our birthdays are 2 days apart) with Company 77 for the whole neighborhood. And even more fun? It was filmed for a new show on Food Network called Craziest Restaurants in America! The show aired last night. You have to check it out! If you click on the link, it shows when the episode will be airing again. The episode is called “Too Hot to Handle” and they count down the top 5 “hottest” places. Our fire truck pizza party is number 4.

Company 77 found out they were going to be filmed and asked for help putting a party together. It was last-minute but I was able to pull off a really fun party for 50 friends and neighbors. And since we are BIG fans of theirs, of course we said yes!

Pizza from Company 77 firetruck food truck. The best idea for birthday parties in Southern California! This is not our first time having Company 77 for a party. You can check out my son’s 3rd birthday party here. And it won’t be our last. The pizza is delicious, the staff is crazy amazing and the kids and adults LOVE it! The neighborhood has already discussed getting it again!

Birthday party with Company 77 pizza firetruck. Watch it on Food Network's new show Craziest Restaurants in America.The truck is set up for the kid’s to play on it. There is even a photo booth! The atmosphere at this party was so much fun! I love that neighbors that you didn’t invite always come out to have a look. It really brings people together in such a fun way! Please excuse the food in my son’s mouth but I think this photo is so funny and perfectly sums up the energy.

Firetruck Pizza Food Truck. Company 77 in Southern California. Most parties end with the kid's getting sprayed! And each Company 77 party usually ends with the kids getting sprayed with the fire hose. They love it!

Our birthday party was filmed for Food Network's new show called Craziest Restaurants in America! And to have it all filmed was so much fun! It will be airing a bunch so be sure to catch an episode! Thank you to Company 77 for having us be part of this super fun experience!

Sessions Deli Newport Beach

Great lunch spot in Newport Beach, CA. Session Deli.This post is a looooooong time coming. These images got buried down in my photos so I kept forgetting to put them on my post schedule. But there is one thing that I have not forgotten about. And that is how delicious Sessions West Coast Deli is. My family popped in for a quick lunch while we were out and about in Newport a while back and YOU GUYS! All of it was crazy good. I’m not someone who sets out to eat a sandwich. In fact, I will usually check out EVERYTHING else on the menu before I eat a sandwich but then I saw the menu.

Sessions Deli in Newport Beach. Delicious sandwiches and amazing homemade chips! The menu features inventive sandwiches as well as some classics and also hot dogs and salads. And just look how cool the whole vibe is. That menu to the left is the kid’s menu. Again, these are from a while ago so it may have a different design now but I’m sure it is equally as rad.

Great lunch spot in Newport Beach, CA. Session Deli.The spot itself is on the small side with a few indoor and a few outdoor tables. I can imagine at lunch hour this place gets insane. I highly suggest trying it out at an off time for a really great experience. And yes, I early bird at lunch too. It’s just more efficient.

Cool design at Sessions Deli in Newport Beach.The design is awesome. The staff is friendly. I really wish this place was around the corner from my house.

Sessions dog from Sessions Deli in Newport Beach. But the food is the real star of the show at Sessions deli Newport Beach. It is a little bit more expensive than some other lunch spots but totally worth it. I had the Summer Zephyr with fresh mozzarella, marinated tomato, basil aioli, baby arugula with pickled onion and a balsamic reduction on a toasted french roll. WHAT!?! Super fresh, bursting with flavor and that roll! THIS is what a sandwich is supposed to taste like. Both my boys got Sessions dogs and added the toppings that they love, like the one above with guacamole and bacon. My husband got the Greatfella full of Italian meats and it was gone so fast I didn’t get a picture. But let’s talk about their homemade potato chips for a minute. I believe they are called Shaka Spuds and they are sent from heaven.  With rosemary and parmesan cheese, these are something that must be experienced for yourself. I’ve thought about them several times since eating there. It has actually caused me to create a business plan in my head for a drive-thru potato chip operation. With these chips being the star of the show.

Have you been? Add it to your to-do list for the next time you are in Orange County! BTW this is not sponsored, I just like sharing yummy local spots with you. If you aren’t local, just pin it for your next trip!

Sessions West Coast Deli

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Fig and Olive

Bacchus Bar and Bistro

Blaze Pizza

Bacchus Bar and Bistro in Irvine

Bacchus Bar and Bistro in Irvine. Last Friday my husband and I were invited to Bacchus Bar and Bistro to taste some wines and delicious food from their Bistro menu. All opinions are mine and it is my opinion that you need to go and try this restaurant out for yourself.

Located in a quiet shopping center in Irvine (Sand Canyon and the 405 Fwy), Bacchus is a hidden gem that I am pleased to share with you. I’ve shopped in this center for years and thought this was a just a wine shop. And while that may be how it started out, it has evolved in to a full fledged bistro with great beers and wines and a fantastic menu that I can’t wait to eat my way through.

Wine everywhere at Bacchus Bar and Bistro in Irvine. The interior was larger than I expected but still felt intimate. It was the perfect date night spot but also seems perfect for a girl’s night out situation. There is a tiny little patio out front which I am now dreaming about for sipping rose on a summer evening. From the moment my husband and I walked inside we asked ourselves how we had never been there before. And of course, started planning our return visits. I love how they have the wines displayed. It feels like you are in a wine cellar and it made it feel very warm and cozy.

The food is exceptional at Bacchus Bar and Bistro in Irvine. I thought it was just a wine bar, but it is not. It's delicious! Along with a great list of beer and wines, Bacchus also has an awesome menu. There are plenty of plates to share and dishes that will appeal to all kinds of palettes. This is not a steakhouse kind of a place so if the men in your group are looking for a hearty steak, they aren’t going to find it here. But they will find a delicious looking burger (on my list of things to try on my next visit) and other hearty sandwiches (I’ve got my eye on you too, Lobster Grilled Cheese!) as well as some foodie favorites like a lamb quesadilla and veal and fontina meatballs. So instead of stopping here for a drink before or after dinner, this is where you should spend your night. And on the weekends, they feature live music. Such a great spot!

Great atmosphere and rad staff at Bacchus Bar and Bistro in Irvine. The space is comfortable and the staff is crazy knowledgeable. The decor is simple and there are two televisions for viewing sports, which of course, my husband loved. The TVs didn’t make it feel masculine or like a sports bar at all, which I liked.  When we arrived for our 6 pm reservation there were only a few tables filled. But by the time we left, the place was full. Be sure to make a reservation to ensure your spot!

Build your own cheese board at Bacchus Bar and Bistro, Irvine.Who doesn’t love a good cheese plate? They make it super easy to order what you like by filling out their order form. I loved that there were some straight forward choices but then a few that sounded totally unusual like the Barely Buzzed Espresso and Lavender! I knew my husband wouldn’t be in to that so I saved that one for next time I go. But we did try the Chevre with Rose Preserves. The rose preserves were way more subtle than I was expecting and was absolutely delicious. We kept it simple by ordering the French Bread, but it came out warm and crusty and was ridiculously good as only warm bread can be.

A delicious Pinot Noir from a great date night spot in Irvine: Bacchus Bar and Bistro.Just as I was about to order my standard Sauvignon Blanc, our server, Julia, came by and offered us a glass of Pinto Noir. One of their best customers was in, who loves to share his wine. Since I am really enjoying trying new wines, I decided to go for it. It was delicious! I’m finding that people who love wine really love to share their passion with others and I think that is so cool. And I was totally right in my feeling that I would probably enjoy reds and just wasn’t tasting the right ones yet.

Micro brews on tap and beer samplers at Bacchus Bar and Bistro in Irvine.My husband decided to go with a beer sampler. He listed off his preferences to Julia and she helped him pick 4 beers that he would enjoy. The staff here is well trained and are so helpful with navigating the beer and wines on the menu. One of his selections was a seasonal pumpkin ale, which at first he was unsure about, but ended up really liking it. This is absolutely one of those places that you and your husband or boyfriend would both be happy with. They have done an amazing job of being a well rounded bistro.

Fresh, warm French bread to eat with our amazing cheese plate. The chevre with rose preserves was amazing!  At Bacchus Bar and Bistro in Irvine.Our cheese plate arrived and we enjoyed every single second of it. Because, cheese.  The presentation was pretty and it was the perfect way to start off our food adventure.  Something to know before you go, though, is that the kitchen is closed on Sundays. But cheese plates are always available.

Lobster and Chorizo Fondue! Delicious Brussels Sprouts! LOVED the food at Bacchus Bar and Bistro in Irvine. And then the other dishes started coming out. When you see a Lobster and Chorizo Fondue on the menu, you just have to try it. And it was so good. Real good. Look at how the cheese is all crusty around the edges! And I’ve never met a Brussels Sprout I didn’t like. The ones on the Bistro menu were mixed with Chinese sausage, shishito peppers and fried garlic in a light sesame ponzu dressing. I think my husband got to taste these but I pretty much ate that whole plate by myself. And I’d do it again without hesitation.

Pork Belly Tacos at Bacchus Bar and Bistro in Irvine.And if I could hold hands with these Pork Belly Tacos, I totally would. The flavor was bold and smoky with a little tang from the kimchi salsa. This is one of those dishes that you immediately start thinking about how often you can get there to eat them. Like, I was trying to figure out if my kids could play out front while I ate them on the patio so I wouldn’t have to find a babysitter. That’s how amazing the flavor was. As if I hadn’t wanted to return before, these made me want to come back and try absolutely everything on the menu. The menu items are total comfort food but with a twist. They are not your run of the mill dishes but tweaked to make them interesting and memorable. And they nailed each and every one of them.

Then, when you find out the kitchen is about the size of your own tiny kitchen at home, you shake your head and marvel at how the chef puts out this amazing food.  The more we spoke with the staff, the more we fell in love with Bacchus. They are serious about running a great restaurant and are doing a fantastic job.

Butterscotch Pots de Creme! Yum! At Bacchus Bar and Bistro in Irvine. I barely had room for dessert but you don’t say no when there is a Butterscotch Pots de Creme on the menu. The menu has pairing suggestions but since I am pretty unfamiliar with port, I decided to stay closer to what I know I love. Julia suggested an albarino as something new to try (which I ended up taking a bottle of that home with me as well, it was the Marques de Caceres 2012 Albarino). The size of the dessert was perfect and it was just as creamy and dreamy as I hoped it would be.

The dessert pairing was SO good at Bacchus Bar and Bistro in Irvine.And because Julia is super awesome, she brought out a little of the port for me to try alongside the pots de creme. It was magical. To smell the port on its own was like smelling gasoline. It was harsh on my nose and burned from the alcohol. But when sipped following a bite of the dessert, it brought out these amazing caramel tones and almost a burnt sugar flavor. Magnificent! I loved that she went out of her way to teach me something and it really showed just how great the bistro is at putting together a well thought out food and beverage program. We all have our preferences and the things we love. But sometimes we really just need to put our trust in the hands of the professionals to truly be wowed.

Come to Bacchus Bar and Bistro in Irvine for a yummy meal and sample some wines, then take a bottle home with you. Bacchus was delightful in every way. I highly recommend you go and check it out for yourself. I was blown away by what they are able to do in that small space. Now, who wants to meet me there?  Head to their site to see the full menu and hours!

Bacchus Bar and Bistro

6735 Quail Hill Parkway

Irvine, CA 92603


Brio Tuscan Grille at Irvine Spectrum

Brio Tuscan Grille at Irvine Spectrum. If you’ve noticed, I’ve begun sharing my favorite local (Orange County, CA) spots every other Friday here on the blog. You may want to check out all my posts tagged Orange County, to see where else I have been!

Today I’m sharing about my first time at Brio, one of the new restaurants at The Irvine Spectrum. The Spectrum is like my second home. It is close by, has great shops and restaurants and fun stuff to keep the kids entertained. When I saw that some new restaurants were opening up I couldn’t wait to try them out. So when I won an Instagram contest run by the Spectrum which included dinner at Brio, I was pretty dang excited.

We got our hair done by My Blow LA at the Irvine Spectrum for Style Week OCThe contest was in conjunction with Style Week OC and included myself and my best friend getting our hair blown out at My Blow LA. It was so awesome to get a little pampering done. And I only had one minor heart attach when I realized they probably weren’t using a sulphate free shampoo which can cause a Keratin treatment to wear off sooner. And it was kind of funny to watch the gal try to curl my hair. Since the treatment pretty much straightens your hair, albeit pretty temporarily, it would not take the curl when she tried to use a curling iron. My hair basically laughed at it. We finally got some curl with the straightening iron technique though.

Styleweek OC at the Irvine Spectrum Center.Next we got to sit front row at the fashion show featuring clothes from some of the stores from the Spectrum. It was fun and I saw plenty of things I wanted to run off and buy.

Brio Tuscan Grilled at The Irvine Spectrum. And then it was time for Brio!! The restaurant seems HUGE. And it was quite loud. It seems like a great place to go when you have a large group of people who want to get together for dinner. I would have preferred it to be a little bit less noisy, but our visit was during peak hours on a Friday night so I can’t really complain.  They were running a wait, but since we had reservations, we were seated fairly quickly. You guys this, as well as the other new restaurant Del Frisco’s Grille, seem to be a hit. Both are always busy and they are great new additions to the mall (I’ll share about Del Frisco’s soon! Spoiler alert, I love it too!) The restaurant design is inspired by a Tuscan Villa and is warm and inviting. I can’t wait to dine out on their patio too. I love the fabric they chose for their outdoor chairs.

Brio Tuscan Grille at Irvine Spectrum.The Brio menu is not huge but has something for everyone. The menu is based on northern Italian cuisine and has tons of lighter options for those not looking to consume thousands of calories in one meal. But if you are looking for a super satisfying, hearty comfort food style dish, they have those too.  And their bread basket came with this crazy yummy flatbread that made my heart and my mouth happy.

Delicious bruschetta appetizer at Brio Tuscan Grille, Irvine Spectrum. We started off with the Bruschetta Quattro, featuring four different combinations, that was super tasty. We pretty much inhaled this and I would totally order this again.

Yummy dinner at Brio Tuscan Grille at the Irvine Spectrum.And for our main course, we decided to share two entrees. The kitchen split them up for us which was super nice of them and made it really easy to try two things that both sounded amazing. On the left is the Gorgonzola Crusted Beef Medallions served with mashed potatoes and roasted vegetables. And on the right was the Sweet Potato and Chicken Risotto. Both dishes were fantastic! I would recommend both of them. But now I need to go back and try out some more things that stood out to me on the menu.

Dessert at Brio Tuscan Grille, Irvine Spectrum.To end our night, we tried out the Torta di Cioccolata, which is a warm chocolate cake served with vanilla bean gelato and the Peanut Butter and Chocolate Mousse. Both were crazy good.  I could have eaten about 2 gallons of the peanut butter mousse. The presentation of all the dishes was great and we enjoyed every part of our Brio experience.

Aside from the wonderful food, the staff and service were super friendly and accommodating. I’m absolutely looking forward to another visit.

I was not required to share my visit as part of the contest but I enjoyed everything so much that I wanted to. All opinions are my own and in my opinion, this place is great! Have you been yet?

Brio Tuscan Grille at The Irvine Spectrum 618 Spectrum Center Dr., Irvine, CA  92618 .  phone (949) 341-0380