Knott’s Berry Farm 2015 Season Passes

Pumpkins and roller coasters at Camp Spooky at Knott's Berry Farm. #campspookyCan you believe it is almost Halloween!! Where has the year gone? Ever since Party City started playing their Halloween costume commercials on TV my kids have been asking me when we can go to Camp Spooky 2014.  They LOVE to go to Knott’s Berry Farm during October to see how the park is decked out and participate in really fun activities.  And I am only ok with them going because it is a non-scary, family event. I’m a total scaredy cat and do NOT do haunted things… What is even more awesome is that Knott’s has just released some really great deals for their 2015 Season Passes. Aside from having the lowest price of the year right now, when you buy your season passes for 2015, it also includes one visit during 2014 so you could bring your little ghouls to the Camp Spooky event. AND if you purchase now, you get discounts on Halloween Haunt tickets.

I love that Camp Snoopy has non-scary events in Camp Snoopy for families during Halloween! #campspookyWhich I already mentioned I won’t be attending. I DO, however, really appreciate how Knott’s decorates Camp Spooky (Camp Snoopy – if you didn’t pick up on that yet) for Halloween.  It is festive but kept very kid friendly. And they add a ton of holiday themed things to do in this kid-focused area of the park. Every weekend in October, your family can visit and get a chance to celebrate the season with activities geared for ages 3 – 11. There is no extra cost for all these fun extra activities. It is included with the price of regular park admission. Knott’s puts on great family activities throughout the rest of the year as well in Camp Snoopy. 

#CampSpooky at Knott's Berry Farm. To celebrate Halloween, the kids get to wear costumes!  And they can be in a costume parade and contest where they can win some awesome prizes. The Peanuts Gang stars in a special themed stage show where you can be entertained by your favorite cast of characters. There is a Mini Monster Maze for the kids where they can win sweet prizes. I assure you this is NOT like one of the Halloween Haunt mazes…I would probably pass out if it was! But if you like that sort of thing, purchase your Season Pass now and then use your Halloween Haunt discount to come and get scared silly. I’ll stick to the Kool-Aid mixing Potion Station in Camp Spooky! (a small extra fee applies for this station).

Rides and costumes at Camp Spooky at Knott's Berry Farm. #campspookyAnd of course there are the rides.  And there is nothing cuter than seeing your tiny Spiderman riding the rides. Along with all the rides in Camp Spooky, The Calico Mine Ride has been enhanced for Halloween in a not-too-spooky way. I know my boys will want to check it out. And cling to me and my husband for dear life…So if you purchase your Season Passes now, you can use your 2014 visit during this year’s Camp Spooky and then experience it as a Pass Holder next year!

It is super easy to purchase your Season Passes online. And there are several options to choose from. So if you want your pass to also include visits to Soak City, you can. Want to include a dining package? You can do that too!  And you can pay for your Season Pass in  9 payments instead of one big chunk. A fantastic idea! Don’t miss out on the lowest price of the year!