Final Board – Inspiration Board Challenge {November 2011}


Dearest Amanda,

This is my open love letter to you for all the world to read.  While I have never met you in person I do believe you to be the bee’s knees.  Your head seems to be a wonderful, magical place and you have knocked my socks off.  Literally.  I sit here barefoot.  Socks no where to be found.  When I asked you to prepare an inspiration board for my monthly challenge, you were excited to get started.  I sent over the inspiration piece (see announcement post here) and you got right to work.  But here is where you dazzled and delighted me.  Not only did you create the board in a timely fashion, with photo sources, you created a story.  You truly created a character and thought about all aspects of her life and how she would plan a fabulous shindig based on the amazing DVF blouse.  While you could have easily created a party based on the green, black and goldy colors of the blouse, you chose to create a mood, which, in turn, matched the blouse quite perfectly.  I like your mind moves, Amanda.  Your board is DOPE!!! (And I can totally say that word because Enzo said I could and he doesn’t front).  Thank you so much for being so into the Inspiration Board Challenge.  I think the only fitting thing to do is have this party.  BUT I think it needs to be a themed party where we come as a character from your little world.  You with me?  Where my local readers at?  You in!?  Let’s let the holidays die down and then LET’S DO THIS!



Rooftop Patio: Reason to Breath Blog

New York City Photo: Found on Pinterest

Gold Painted Stripes Thank You Card: The Rifle Paper Co.

Luxor Brut Bottle with 24-carat pure gold flakes

Gold leaf sprinkled Chocolate Tart

Gense Nobel Gold Dessert Fork: All Modern

Gold Monogram Dessert Bowls: Eddie Ross

Be Classy

Chevron Ring: Ron Robinson

Gift Tags: CB2

Gold Trays: Pier 1

Gold Tinsel Picks: Pier 1

Candle holders: West Elm

Good Luck Minimergency Kit: Mr & Mrs.

And now since we have grown so close during this amazing experience, you can go ahead and get me that House of Harlow Chevron ring.  Oh, on second thought, let’s get matching ones because you are my new bff (to my other bffs reading this, please do not take offense.  You are not voted off the friend-ship.  I have plenty of space in my love tank for everyone – and if you recognized the love tank talk as a reference from the not Emmy nominated Real Housewives franchise, you just moved up on the friend ranking system).

I heart Amanda.




Inspiration Board Challenge – November 2011

I don’t even know how I “met” Amanda of I Go You Go.  I say “met” because although we have been trying to meet in person for a month, we still have not managed to do it. :(  If you know her blog, you know that she is a girl of many talents.  And although she talks about healthy living and foods on her site I know she can get down with me and some calorie packed dessert treats.  And that is why I like her.  She seems super fun loving and I hope we can make that meet up happen really soon.  For now, she is the next participant for my monthly Inspiration Board Challenge.    
In case you aren’t familiar with her blog, I’m going to share some of the things I love about it.  One of the recurring posts that Amanda does is called Event Envy (under the “party” tag) where she shares awesome parties that she has found around the web.  She has such great taste.  I always look forward to seeing what new fab parties she will find.  I am going to be honest though and tell you I am not fond about her “Workout Wednesday” feature (found in “fitness“).  It always reminds me that I’m not working out and then I feel bad and go eat a cookie.  But she always wins me back with her shoe love.     
And you have to check out this super fun trailer trash party Amanda threw for her husband. 
She also has tons of awesome recipes on the site that we should all try to cook our way through.  Go check I Go You Go out now!  
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photo via DVF

How gorgeous is this inspiration item? I first saw this Darla top in a DVF catalog and fell in love with the colors.  I wouldn’t say that green is my favorite color but if you look around at my belongings, especially items to be worn, I sure do own a lot of green…But I love it mixed with a glittery bronze and of course a little black never hurts anything.  This color scheme would lend itself so well to any kind of event.  I can’t wait to see what Amanda comes up with!!!  Check back near the end of the month to see what she shares. 
Who would like to participate next?  Email me,
All photos except the DVF top via I Go You Go

October Inspiration Board Challenge – Final Board

Remember this Mini and Maximus shirt?  Yup, it was the inspiration piece I sent to Taryn of Formal Fringe to create a mood board for.  
Taryn says:
I know this is a kid’s t-shirt, but I can’t help but imagine it being worn by a playful women on a milestone birthday, worn tucked in to a glimmering sequined skirt.  The glitter and glam carries into the whole fete through metallic details on escort cards, plates, envelopes and even in the drinks!  The decor of the room is neutral, weaving tones of gold, copper and silver with modern black and white.  It’s the perfect state to crown her the official V.P. of Fun for the night! 
Photo Sources:
Metallic china patterns, Martha Stewart Weddings
Netural Tassle Garland – CONFETTISYSTEM
Mojito with edible glitter – Fashionably Bombed
V.P. of Fun t-shirt – Mini & Maximus
Metallic Sequined Bell Skirt – J.Crew
Black and white lounge – Rue Mag
Golden feather envelopes – Furze Chan
Metallic graphic escort cards – Martha Stewart Weddings

Thank you so much, Taryn for putting this board together!  I love your idea of pairing the Tee with a gorgeous, shimmery skirt.  And those metallic stars in the drink are making me SO happy!  This would also make a rad New Year’s Eve theme.  I wish I had the energy to throw a blow out party for the last big holiday of the year.  

Can you believe it is November already!?!  Let the Christmas shopping commence!  I heard Christmas music while shopping at Michaels today and I didn’t hate it…

October Inspiration Board Challenge – The Participants

I feel like I am back on track for my monthly Inspiration Board Challenge posts.  Phew!  I had a few off months during summer, but it is back and I’m super happy to welcome Taryn from Formal Fringe
 I don’t remember how I came across her site but the more I go through it the more I love it!  
This just might be the perfect grown up party theme of all time!  Especially New Year’s Eve, am I right?  The graphics are perfect and the colors, I mean… Oh yeah and these are free printables.  Go download them now and invite all your drunkard friends over! 
If you have read my blog for any amount of time, you know that I hate Halloween.  But there is something about the Nightmare Before Christmas that I just love!  Never seen the movie, just love the design style of it and I’m a total sucker for black and white stripes.  How rad is this dessert buffet that Taryn put together!?!  See more here.
And if you didn’t like her already, you simply must check out her recipe and printables for Bacon Salt!!!!  Go make it!  Then send it to me!! 
I have to say the more I read her site and check out her photography, writing and fabulous finds, the more I want to hang out with her.  I told my bff, whose name is coincidentally Taryn, that I had a new friend with the same name.  She was worried that I might toss her aside like yesterdays news.  I assured her that since my new friend T lives out of state that she would safely continue on as my bff.  But I’m really not so sure.  Taryn of Formal Fringe is kinda rad.  I hope the other Taryn doesn’t read this. 
See Taryn’s Portfolio (its amazing!) 
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And now for the inspiration item that Taryn of Formal Fringe (wow, I probably really confused everyone by discussing too many Taryn’s in one post) will create a mood board for:
I couldn’t get the photo any larger, but I think you get the idea.  This kids t-shirt by Mini and Maximus (my fave line for kid’s t’s) is the coolest.  From graphic design to pocket placement Mini and Maximus takes this basic white T and makes it extra cool.  This company elevates kids design by using up and coming artists for their t-shirt graphics as well as having some super cool kids design some too.  This is my favorite line for kids shirts and my boys always get compliments when they wear them.  And while most shirts are uni-sex, some of the girlier designs tempt me in to trying for a baby girl (dear family, I am in no way suggesting that we are trying to have another baby.  I am more than happy with my two boys.  Sometimes I wish they would let me put a big old flower headband on them or a tutu, but I’m not chancing a final score of mom 1:  boys 3).
I am so excited to see what Taryn will come up with for this.  I love doing this challenge every month because I know what I my parties for the inspiration pieces would look like, but I am always surprised, in a very good way, by what the other bloggers come up with.  Be sure to check back at the end of the month to see the finished board!  And in case some of you are as crazy as I am and starting to think about Christmas shopping, be sure to check out Mini and Maximus for the cool kids on your list.  While some might balk at the price, they always have a sale section and show up on The Mini Social (if you are not signed up you simply MUST do it now.  I always do a ton of holiday shopping from this site.  Amazing fashion, toys and gifty items!!) from time to time.  
Mini and Maximus blog
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Have a great week everyone!!!

September Inspiration Board Challenge – The Final Board

It is that time again!  I’m so excited to share the final board for my monthly (I say that loosely) Inspiration Board Challenge!  Danielle did not disappoint with her board.  She created her board for an afternoon bridal luncheon.  
How rad are those purple shoes!?!  And that dress?!  I have to have it!  Dear Santa…
I love how she worked in all the colors in such fun ways.  Loving the blue cocktails for a fun pop of color without going for the obvious in linens or decor.  Super subtle and awesome.  Yup, this board turned out so great!!! 
Big thank you to Danielle for participating!!!!!  
Photo Sources:
The dress – The perfect Stella McCartney dress for the luncheon
The shoes – The must-have sandals for the occasion  Christian Louboutin Purple Straratata Glitter Platform Sandals
Party Invitation – Mod Medallion Pocket Invitation
Dessert Cupcakes – Fuchsia cupcakes 
Pink Centerpiece with candles – Centerpiece 
Party Coasters – Horchow  
Purple Cocktail Ring – Used as Napkin Ring