One Cabinet, 3 Ways

Cabinet for bedroom area. #spon @sauderusa

I knew I liked this Sauder cabinet when my husband first put it together. But I’m realizing it is even more awesome than I originally thought. It is crazy versatile and fits in just about any room in my house. I recently had my husband help me move it in to the bedroom. The colors work perfectly and it is now used as a place to store all his business supplies. He recently started a small business with a partner and our house has had stuff everywhere. We rarely eat at our dining room table anymore so I knew that this cabinet would be perfect to hide all that clutter. Can’t wait to share his company with you all soon! You are going to love it!

Cabinet in the living room. #spon @sauderusa

This is where the cabinet was before. I still really love the idea of putting the cabinet back in this location and instead of using it as a bar area, like I originally did, keeping it as the supplies cabinet. This will actually be closer to where he is conducting business and provide a place for me to set my keys and sunglasses in between school pick ups. I also need it back in the living room because otherwise, I have very few places to put Halloween decorations. I’ve got a neon green skeleton man who needs a home!

Sauder Cabinet used for photo shoots. #spon @sauderusa

But sometimes this cabinet needs to be in my work space off my kitchen. One of the key selling points of the cabinet for me was the faux marble top. It provides a great surface for photographs so I move in here from time to time to get some work done.

Cabinet for office area in the bedroom. #spon

I can’t believe how perfectly this piece fits in this bedroom nook. It is out of the way and is a great place to keep all of my husbands supplies without them being strewn all over the house. It is also a great place to display one of my father-in-law’s paintings.

Organized office area in bedroom. #spon @sauderusa

This desk caddy keeps all my husband’s supplies tidy and easy to get to. I’m just wondering how long it will be until all of those pens go missing. My kids love to draw and I know once they realize these are here, they will be “borrowing” them all the time.

Cactus and wood cactus for decor on the cabinet. #spon @sauderusa

I didn’t want to add too many knick knacks so this space can remain really user friendly, so I added two small cacti, one wood, one real. It adds a nice little decorative touch without being frilly.

A place to keep my husband's phone, etc. #spon @sauderusa

And I moved my husbands catch-all tray from his nightstand to this cabinet so he can grab it even easier as he heads out the door in the morning. The color of the tray goes really well with the faux marble and it is small so it doesn’t take up too much space.

Love the detail on the side of the cabinet. #spon @sauderusa

These ridged sides really add a nice design element to the room as well. Between the great shape of the legs and this cool texture on the sides, this cabinet is not typical and is really great looking.

Cabinet for my photo shoot area. #spon @sauderusa

Which is why it also works so well as a prop for my blog posts. I try to plan my editorial calendar ahead of time so when I shoot things, I usually have a few different crafts or recipes to do all at once. This cabinet makes it super easy for me to have everything close by so I can be super efficient and get a lot of posts done at once.

Storage for photo props and crafts that I'm going to make. #spon @sauderusa

Although the cabinet doesn’t look that big, the inside shelves are really spacious and can hold a ton of stuff. When I had this cabinet set up as a bar it always shocked me just how full of stuff it was!

This cabinet is really good for photo shoots. #spon @sauderusa

And the marble-esque top is a perfect backdrop for photos. It isn’t so shiny that I get reflections off of it and the colors are subtle but pretty. I set it in front of my white photo backdrop and it is a great spot to shoot things, especially cocktails.

Faux marble top is perfect for photo shoots. #spon @sauderusa

I am SO glad I didn’t pick the chair that I had my eye on! This Sauder cabinet has been awesome and no matter where we decide to keep it, it will be perfect for our house. The best part was that the price was super reasonable and I have half a mind to order another one so I can put them in the living room AND the bedroom! This piece is so versatile which is one of the reasons I love it so much. You can check out my Pinterest board for versatile furniture that can be found on the Sauder site to find more pieces that I think would be easy to use in multiple places in my house.

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Living Room Update : Storage Cabinet

*This post is sponsored by Sauder.  All opinions are my own!

Storage cabinet as bar cart. //

Our living room is coming along. VERY slowly. We are super happy with our new rug. We have ordered a new chair. And we are preparing to put up a gallery wall of some of our favorite art. For our gallery wall, we wanted the prints to work around a small piece of furniture. At first we were thinking about something like a small decorative table, but we were having a really hard time finding the perfect piece. This spot is right in our entry way, so it can’t come too far out from the wall, and we want it to be a little tall, something that wouldn’t look too small against a large focal point wall. And while I wasn’t originally thinking about a storage cabinet, that is precisely what we found. And it is perfect! For so many reasons. I also never dreamed I would use it as a bar area. But guess what. It’s full of booze. And both my husband and I LOVE it (the cabinet. The booze too but only in a socially acceptable way). That almost never happens.

I was familiar with Sauder from doing a previous post so I knew that they would have furniture that suits my style. I spent a few hours really scouring the site and looking to see what might fit the space the best. But as you do, I got all side tracked and pretty much furnished my whole home in my head before I got back on track and really focused on the task at hand. I still have my eye on this chair though. The site is super easy to use and breaks it down for people who want to search for things in various ways. I love that! Like, at first I searched ‘Tables and Nightstands’ but then popped over to search ‘Living Room’ and then finally under the ‘Style Lab’ tab which shows the furniture in styled vignettes. It makes it really easy to find the pieces you want to see while also showing you things you might not have been thinking about. Once I found this cupboard – I mean, the faux marble top grabbed my attention and I couldn’t shake it I was ready to place my order. The ordering was simple and in a week or so, it showed up at my door.

My husband and I opened up the box and started building the cabinet. There were really easy to follow instructions in the box and I am certain that I could have put it together without him. But that is how our roles are divided in our household. He gets bugs, trash and building things. I get taking pictures, nagging and smiling sweetly when he threatens to walk off the job…

I was really impressed at how each piece was labeled and it was easy to lay out and organize how to put it together. But I was also impressed at how affordable it was without sacrificing style. While it is a faux marble top, it still looks really nice and the shape of the wooden legs help the whole piece to look modern and stylish. If you found this piece at a trendy furniture store it would cost 3 times as much.

How great does this look! I kept the styling simple for now as we are going to build the gallery wall around it and won’t have this photo leaning against the wall when that happens. The colors work so well in the room and are really interesting how they all work together. But you know what else I’m super excited about?!

It’s full of cocktails! I never thought I would have a designated bar area in my living room. I mean, we have two small boys who kick soccer balls around the house and love to wrestle.

The fact that mama’s favorites can be tucked away inside the cabinet makes it perfect. Since this is the first thing that you see when you enter our home, I didn’t really want to have liquor bottles set out in plain sight as if to say, “Welcome to my home. Let’s get sloshed.” And I now have a place to house my wine glasses. These glasses do not fit in my kitchen cupboards. Dumb.

I love marble. Faux or not.

Marble topped cabinet works perfect as a bar cart. //  www.cupcakesandcutlery.comThis cabinet is going to be so great for entertaining.  The surface will wipe clean easily and I can make drinks where the guests are instead of being stuck in the kitchen preparing them.  It’s so funny how you start out thinking you want one thing and end up with something else.  The unexpected plus of this cabinet is that I now have another surface to style in this room.  I found during the holidays last year that I really didn’t have anywhere to set decorations, so this year I’ll be able to set out a little village or something.  SO excited about that!   I can’t wait to get started on the gallery wall to finish off this spot in our living room.  And I’m certain Sauder has a TV stand that would round out the furniture update in that room.  I think I’ll go look right now…  

sauder logo

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Sauder. The opinions and text are all mine.

Patio Decor Ideas

Colorful patio decor  //  www.cupcakesandcutlery.comThe weather in sunny southern California allows us to pretty much sit outside year round.  And it’s killing me that my family doesn’t have a ridiculously cool outdoor set up to chill out in.  Next week I’m sharing my little outdoor oasis that my husband put together for me for Mother’s Day, but my dream fresh air experience has tons of bright patio decor.  In my opinion, you can’t have too many colors.  I’d take my wine, magazines and a patio playlist to my al fresco living space and relax all weekend long.  Here are some more great patio decor ideas for my dream patio:

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New Garland from The Flair Exchange and Facebook Giveaway!

Black and White kid's room decor with pops of red and orange.  //  www.cupcakesandcutlery.comDon’t you love this garland?!  My pal Carmen, of The Flair Exchange, just launched the Cross + Plus Garlands in her fab shop!  I’m in love.  I’ve been toying with the idea of hosting super simple giveaways over on my Facebook page.  No jumping through hoops.  Just leaving a comment.  Simple as that.  Carmen graciously offered to give away one of her newest garland creations.  So one of you can be the lucky winner!

The Flair Exchange has a new Cross and Plus garland that I love! //  www.cupcakesandcutlery.comThis little guy was pretty excited when I told him that we got to put the garland up in his room.

Cool boy's room decor.  //  www.cupcakesandcutlery.comI’ve seen some kid’s rooms on Pinterest where they have garlands jauntily placed around the room and I loved how it looked.  But I wasn’t that in to any of the garlands.  Carmen told me she had a new product coming out that she thought I would love.  She was totally right!  And I knew instantly this would be worthy of hanging on the walls.

This black cross garland is perfect for decorating a cool kid's room.  //  www.cupcakesandcutlery.comThe shape is so simple and graphic and I adore that she did it in black!  It went with the art already hanging in his room perfectly.

Black cross garland for cool kid's room decor.  //  www.cupcakesandcutlery.comBut of course this will also be perfect for parties.  I am sure that I will take it out of the bedroom so it can be a special guest star for upcoming party decor.  And this might sound really silly, but the string that she uses (the crosses are made out of a nice, thick cardstock) is fantastic!  It is thick and sturdy and is the perfect proportion for the size of the crosses.  I’m somewhat of a string connoisseur (nerd alert) and I noticed it the moment I pulled the garland out of the package.

Black and white art for kid's room with pops of color.   //  www.cupcakesandcutlery.comI bet you are already starting to think about all the different places you can hang this, aren’t you.

Love this new cross garland from The Flair Exchange. //  www.cupcakesandcutlery.comYou can always head to Carmen’s site to purchase one of for yourself or you can head over to my Facebook page to win one!  BTW, Carmen’s blog is one of the best resources for cocktails out there.  For real.

Flair Exchange Giveaway on the @cupcakescutlery facebook page. //  www.cupcakesandcutlery.comHead to my facebook page to enter the contest!


Kid-Friendly Carpet Tiles from Flor

*I was sent this rug by Flor.  All opinions are mine. Our new rug ties in our art perfectly.  //  www.cupcakesandcutlery.comI AM IN LOVE WITH MY NEW RUG!  Yes, I am shouting it at you.  I just need to make sure that you get how deep my love runs for this rug.  A few weeks ago I shared that my husband and I were looking at rugs for this busy area of our house.  And this is the winner, our kid-friendly carpet tiles from Flor!  Do you love it?!  It is hard to tell colors from a small online photo.  But I wasn’t s0 worried about it that I needed to order a sample.  Turns out these colors could not be more perfect for this room!  The magenta and tiny hints of periwinkle in this Chakra rug totally tie in the art and accessories in this room.  Up until now, I had just liked the skateboards and purple vase individually but they certainly weren’t styled.  But now, they totally all work together.  And the way the rug works with the couch color…perfect.

Our old rug.  Blah.  This was the before rug.  Blah.  It was purchased primarily for the inexpensive price tag when we were furnishing a larger home we lived in a few years ago.  It has moved with us several times but I have never really liked this rug.  I am not sad to see it go (although my husband is keeping it in the garage in case we need it somewhere else in the house…um, no).

We love the Flor rug tile system  //  www.cupcakesandcutlery.comI had to wait for my husband to install this rug as it was going to be partially under our heavy couch.  I put our previous Flor rug together by myself but it was kind of nice to watch my husband do the work on this one.  It took about 30 minutes to lay the tiles out and put down all the stickers.

Photo bomb while Dad puts our rug together.  // www.cupcakesandcutlery.comMy youngest son wanted to “help” too.  You know, by photo bombing.

Testing out our new Flor rug.  //  www.cupcakesandcutlery.comAnd I had to take this photo because his shirt just totally matched the rug. [Read more…]