Makeup Tips for People with Allergies #ALLERGYFACE®

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of ZYRTEC®.  All allergies and the resulting ALLERGY FACE® that goes along with it are all mine. Tracking Pixel

Allergy sufferers often end up with ALLERGY FACE®.  I totally have it.  #sponsored #Zyrtec // www.cupcakesandcutlery.comDangit that is a big picture of my face.  I’m not going to lie, I originally retouched this photo so much that it didn’t even look like me anymore.  But then I thought screw it.  We all have wrinkles and such.  I’m just going to keep it real.  While I would love to have smoother skin, it’s probably not something I’ll ever have (maybe with major lasers – not to be confused with the Diplo project – or other resurfacing methods which cost more than my car).  I’m not one of those gals that hates getting older.  I’m ok with wrinkles.  But I’ve been an allergy sufferer all my life and I could do without ALLERGY FACE®.  If you don’t have allergies, you have no idea what I’m talking about – and I hate your guts because allergies suck.  Allergies, in some way, have hindered things in my life that you wouldn’t think they should hinder. Like getting massages.  WTF?!  I can’t lay face down in the donut, without getting super stuffed up and miserable.  Sure the rubbing around on my back and shoulders feels great but then I end up with a sinus headache because of it.  Oh and the wine!  I can’t drink wine (I mean I shouldn’t drink wine but I do because it is so good) because of the effing sulfites or sulfates or some other dumb property that makes my nose completely inflamed so that I can’t breathe through it any more.  I’ve even figured out how to save any crying I need to do until an optimal time for my allergies.  Yeah, I feel AWFUL after a good cry – happy or sad – so I plan it out based on my allergy side effects to the crying.

If you DO have allergies then you know what ALLERGY FACE® is.  It is where your eyes feel like they are halfway closed, even though you aren’t tired, from all the inflammation in your face.  It’s when your nose is all red because although your nose is super stuffy, it is still runny somehow and you can’t go more than a few minutes without blowing it.  And the watery eyes which causes your mascara to run down your face which makes people think you have been crying.  Which you have NOT (not until next Tuesday, see above).

DIY salt rinse for allergy sufferers.  #sponsored #ZYRTEC® #ALLERGYFACE®  // www.cupcakesandcutlery.comHaving ALLERGY FACE® has led me to try many things.  Dark under eye circles are prevalent in people who have allergies.  So by that reasoning, I must have all the allergies, ever.  My dark circles are so…er, dark.  I read somewhere that using the Neti Pot might make them less severe but I just couldn’t bring myself to use that funny looking thing.  Then my allergist suggested that I do a nasal rinse with a syringe and salt water to flush out the nasal cavity.  You guys!  This has been life changing!  I feel so much more clear with way less pressure (and helps me to fall asleep because I can get air back in through my nose after drinking the offensive wine).  BUT, my dark circles are still there. Remind me to tell you sometime about how when I first tried the salt rinse I used a tablespoon instead of a teaspoon of salt…

Makeup tips for combatting #ALLERGYFACE® #sponsored #ZYRTEC®Which means it is all up to makeup to make me look presentable.  And while I’ve taken several makeup classes and am scheduled to take another really soon, it just doesn’t come naturally to me and I don’t know any tricks to mask the ALLERGY FACE® side effects.  Thankfully the kind people of ZYRTEC®, who keep me and my family functioning amid allergies to dust, mold, dogs, grass, trees, laundry and cleaning floors (ok the last two are made up…), realize that even though their medicine can help with the symptoms of allergies, us gals still need a little help in the face department.   They enlisted the help of celebrity makeup artist Jamie Greenberg (who suffers from allergies so she knows) to share makeup tips for people with allergies and ALLERGY FACE®.

Makeup tips to help allergy sufferers detract from #ALLERGYFACE®.  #sponsored #ZYRTEC® // www.cupcakesandcutlery.comHead to the ZYRETEC® Facebook page to see all the looks designed to detract from your ALLERGY FACE®.  I tend to go for the “barest beauty” look on most days.  The highlighting and contouring really helps my face to not look so puffy.  And waterproof mascara is where it’s at.  It stays put even when my tears do not.  If you are like I was and ha no idea what contouring is, just watch this great video with Jamie Greenberg.  She shares her tips on looking your best with allergies. 
I’m grateful for these tips and to ZYRTEC® for being part of my journey with allergies. Are you an allergy sufferer? Do you have ALLERGY FACE®?

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of ZYRTEC®.  All allergies and the resulting ALLERGY FACE® that goes along with it is all mine.

March Loves

Reed's Ginger Candy is my fave! I don’t even remember where I found Reed’s Ginger Candy Chews but I am obsessed!  These are phenomenal.  They are a touch sweet, a bit spicy and have a real ginger flavor.  I spoke of my love for Reed’s Ginger Beer here so of course I had to try these.  Now I just need to track them down since I have only two left.  Two!

Jessica Alba is a rad business woman and mom.

I got a chance to read my newest Nylon the other day and every time I read an article on Jessica Alba, I like her a little more.  I loved learning more about her role in her company (Honest).  This article talks about how hands on she is in all aspects including choosing colors for make up.  I loved that she voiced her opinion on the lip colors not being right, which is due in part to the natural materials used to create them.  She’s not willing to put out a product that no one really wants to wear.  She’s the perfect mix of every woman (except she’s, like, extra gorgeous) and advocate for the health of our families.  And that is pretty cool.

My grandmother's costume jewelryA few weeks ago my mom brought over all of my grandmother’s old costume jewelry.  I finally took a few hours to sort through it all and it was amazing.  My grandmother was always put together with the perfect accessories.  And she loved to travel so there are several handmade items from many of the places she visited.  While I might not wear all of it (but trust, there are some AMAZEBALLS pieces), they will remain treasured memories of a lady I miss very much.

Earth Tu Face is freaking rad.  LOVE their line of products.My husband recently brought home some awesome Earth Tu Face products to try out.  You guys, this stuff is crazy natural and awesome.  It was started by two herbalists who make 100% natural skin care only using plant based products.  All of their packaging is recyclable, reusable and compostable.  And the smells!  While there are no added scents, the ingredients used create these amazing scents!  I’ve always been afraid to use an oil based cleanser since I have oily skin.  But I decided to give it a shot.  It has been great.  I’ve certainly not broken out like I thought I would and I feel like my forehead isn’t quite as shiny as it was before I started using the Earth Tu Face face wash. The Rosemary Salt lotion feels wonderful.  And I love the smell of rosemary so that is a win for sure.  I haven’t tried all of these products out yet but I plan to!  And I think you should too.

Obsessed with the Earth Tu Face balm stick for face, lips and more.  The smell is intoxicating! You may have seen my instagram post but this Skin Stick is my fave!  It is an all-purpose salve for wherever you need it.  I’ve mainly been using it on my lips so far but with the geranium and vetiver, I really should be rubbing this thing all over my face.  Geranium prevents and fades scarring (hello – dumb skin cancer scars, consider yourself warned!) and the vetiver promotes cellular healing.  Duh.  We could all use that.  And I don’t want to offend any hippies but when I wear this on my lips, it smells like a hippie is dancing on my face.  It’s musky and warm while being calming and hydrating.  I definitely have hippie tendencies and this totally appeals to them.  I keep this in the drawer next to my bed and put it on just before I go to sleep.  It is the perfect way to end the day.

sunglass collectionAnd I have to say that it doesn’t suck when your husband works for a sunglass company.  These are so fun to be able to mix and match with my outfits.  And since it is mostly sunny in California, year round, I need sunglasses.  All of these are by IVI Vision.

Color your own Whopper's Robin's eggs for EasterAnd have you guys seen these?!  I saw these Whoppers Easter Robin Eggs Decorate Your Own Eggs
at the grocery store and had to get them.  My boys love this kind of stuff.  They came with three edible markers and a bunch of plain white eggs.  This was a great little snack and craft for us one afternoon.  I picked them up at my local Albertson’s but haven’t seen them anywhere else.  I hope you can find them.  These were very well received by the kiddos.


Fashion Posts by Bloggers


Great winter outfit, plaid flannel, faux fur and rose gold braceletSince I’m in the middle of posting about my recent trip to Alt Summit I thought today’s Dirty Side of Blogging would be to show you how blogger’s get outfit shots.  I had been missing my husband on my trip as he had been traveling when I left and we’d been apart for a while.  So I decided I wanted to wear the Becomb bracelet he had given to me for my birthday because I was thinking about him.  You can’t just take any old photo.  You style the shot.

behind the scenes of shooting a blogger outfit postWhich sometimes means you are in a bathtub, with wet towels all around you, and you take 4-5 photos to get THE shot.  Glamorous, no?


Best Sunscreen is Clarins Fo’ Sho’

clarins sunscreenThis is my first summer since having some skin cancer removed.  I am not a sunscreen lover.  My skin is oily as it is and to add on another heavy of layer of grodiness on top of it, well, it sucks.  (P.S. my spell check didn’t know what the heck to do with “grodiness”)  I know I should be wearing it daily but I’m not.  I’ve been trying some sunscreens out to see if I could find one that I can tolerate.  And I finally found Clarins.  It is not cheap  but if it gets me to wear it, I think that is worth it.  And I found it in just the nick of time since I am heading for a girl’s weekend in Scottsdale at the end of this week!

clarins oil free sunscreenFor my face, I got this Clarins oil free UV plus HP Sunscreen.  It totally sinks in to my skin without feeling heavy.  That is what I have been looking for.  And I have been coming across sunscreen tips in magazines this month.  They say to let it sink in to the skin and then dab the skin in case there is any still remaining on the top before you put on your foundation.  I don’t feel like this makes me any more oily than normal.  And I don’t wake up with pimples the next day.  Dream come true.

clarins milk lotion sunscreen sprayFor my body, I got this Clarins Milk-Lotion Spray.  It is super lightweight and doesn’t smell like sunscreen.  That’s huge!  I’m kind of in love.  And it says it has age control.  I am hoping that means that I won’t get any more wrinkles from this point forward.  But I’m doubting that.

Do you have a favorite sunscreen?  Do you wear it every day?

*Not a sponsored post I just love it!  But how rad is that rug?  Pottery Barn sent it to me the Gianna Recycled Yarn Kilim rug and I can’t wait to share it with you in a styled shoot!!

Day to Night Hair Style with Tera Rae Stephens

Tera rae stephens at tek salonWant to learn an easy day to night hair style?  So did I so I asked my stylist for some help.  I’m kind of in love with my hair stylist, Tera Rae Stephens.  Look how darn cute she is!  I’ve been going to her for a few years now and she’s The One.  I’m always obsessed with the color she does for me and she cuts me so that I can have style but not spend a lot of time on it.  We’ve established that I’m really lazy, right?  Tera has the best style, has a darling family and, oh yeah,  she blogs!  It is one of my favorites.  She shares style posts and also beauty tips and sometimes even recipes!  It is a must read!  Since my focus is on prepping for Alt Summit right now, I asked her to share an easy day to night hair style.  After each day of the conference there is a night of parties with not a whole lot of prep time.  She happily agreed.  Because she’s cool like that.

I much prefer to be taking the pictures instead of being in them.  Even more so for these since my entire family is battling ridiculous head colds with so much congestion it makes your eyes all puffy and like you haven’t slept in weeks.  And don’t even get me started about my red nose.

me after blowdryI have makeup on.  Seriously.  Um, could my color be any more perfectly suited for me?!  I freaking love it.

Alt StyleFor Tera’s easy day to night hair style:  Start with dry hair and create a deep side part.

braid one sideStart a french braid on the side of your head, heading towards the back.

braid side all the way backContinue the braid to just behind your ear and then stop picking up hair and finish the bread.  Use a small, clear elastic to secure it.

pin braid under the other sideBring the braid around the back of your head.  Lift up your hair and secure the end of the braid.

finished look from the backSmooth the hair over the pinned end of the braid.  Depending on your personal style you can leave it like this or pull some of the hair up a bit to create a poof at the crown.  Gorgeous!

finished look by TeraOops, we somehow didn’t manage to get a straight on shot of the finished look.  But it is super cute.  The deep part gives you a little lift at the roots, and the tight braid gives you an edgy, sort of rockery look.  This is super easy and would take just minutes to do.  You can see a finished picture of the style on her blog here.  She also shared this day to night look on Fox 5 San Diego during the holidays.  See the video here.  I told you she’s legit!

Thanks, Tera, for helping me get party ready!

Tera Rae Stephens.  Find her at Tek Salon in Costa Mesa and on social media. Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest  and don’t forget to read her blog!