Carded at Alt Summit

Alt Summit photosAre you sick of my talking about Alt Summit yet?  Well, hang in there for a few more posts and then I promise on to new things.  If you were following along with the conference at all you know that the business cards were a BIG deal.  You wanted to meet people just to see what their cards looked like.

business cards from Alt SummitI brought TONS of cards home with me and it took me until yesterday to feel ready to go through them.  It was super fun to remember where you met the person or why you clicked with them.  There are a bunch of sites that I can’t wait to dive in to based only off the business card.  And lots of follow-up that needs to happen.  I’m slowly getting to that.

hank and hunt card fillerWe all know that Jenny from Hank and Hunt is rad.i.cle but how freaking adorable is this!  She paired a simple white letterpress card with her contact info with gold animal candle holders.  Surely I would lose a finger if I tried to do something like this.  And she made a ton of them.  I am really starting to wonder if this girl sleeps.

cool cards from Alt SummitSome were simple, some had awesome graphic design.  Some came with swag (that pen right there is my FAVE! Thanks Love Creative!) Some were done by hand and some were gorgeously printed.

cassette tapeHow adorable are these cards?!  I was so happy to finally meet these ladies.  Andrea lives about 20 minutes from me but took going to Salt Lake City to finally get together.  And Laura is in LA which seems like world’s away sometimes.  Both of these ladies and cards are totally my style and I hope I get to know them better!

you are my fave cardYou are my Fave brought it with her slide out card.  Not sure if you can read that tiny writing but it says “Hi.  I’m Melanie.  I quote Liz Lemon at…”  She’s hilarious.

oleander and palmAnd then there was this card that made me the happiest.  I love aromatherapy and at times throughout the conference I would get the most amazing waft of lavender smell.  But I could never tell where it was coming from.  Then during one session, I look over and Lauren had this “card” sachet in front of her.  I snatched it away and didn’t give it back.  Turns out her blog is awesome too, check it out!

the faux martha cardI had seen these marshmallow cards on instagram a few days before leaving for Alt and I loved the idea.  But I don’t know The Faux Martha or what she looks like.  I had been keeping my eyes out for another gal I wanted to say hello to and approached Melissa and asked if she was so and so.  She wasn’t.  Awkward.  But when I asked what her blog was and she said The Faux Martha I became visibly excited.  She handed over this pillowy cloud of a marshmallow and it made my day.  I may have traumatized her but I think this is such a cute idea for a card!  Nice meeting you Melissa!

my card for altAnd here are the cards I decided to take with me to Alt.  I had two ideas I was working with (well and Lauren too since she does most of my graphic design) but at the end, this is what I chose.  Although after being at Alt, the other idea would have been better.  But you live and you learn right!  And I’m still super happy with how these came out.  I ended up doing these myself and was pretty dang impressed with myself since my illustrator skills are remedial at best.

my business card for alt summitI wanted it to be a visual elevator pitch of my blog.  And I wanted it to have a photo of me so that people would remember who the heck I was when they got home.  But I’m also kind of a nerd and I don’t love things that aren’t standard business card size so I included that too.

my alt summit business cardAnd in case the card became separated from the outer card my contact info was on there too.  So really you can keep one for yourself and give one to a friend.  My pal Ryan printed these for me and was so great to work with as usual.  And a big thank you to my mom who put these together for me the night before I left so I didn’t have to stay up all night doing it.  You are the best!

There were so many other great cards to share but I think I will cap it off right here.  And I think I was the first person to get one of Lauren’s cards and somehow it is nowhere to be found!  It was a little party kit and it was super cute!  I don’t want to wait another year until Alt!


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