Best Sunscreen is Clarins Fo’ Sho’

clarins sunscreenThis is my first summer since having some skin cancer removed.  I am not a sunscreen lover.  My skin is oily as it is and to add on another heavy of layer of grodiness on top of it, well, it sucks.  (P.S. my spell check didn’t know what the heck to do with “grodiness”)  I know I should be wearing it daily but I’m not.  I’ve been trying some sunscreens out to see if I could find one that I can tolerate.  And I finally found Clarins.  It is not cheap  but if it gets me to wear it, I think that is worth it.  And I found it in just the nick of time since I am heading for a girl’s weekend in Scottsdale at the end of this week!

clarins oil free sunscreenFor my face, I got this Clarins oil free UV plus HP Sunscreen.  It totally sinks in to my skin without feeling heavy.  That is what I have been looking for.  And I have been coming across sunscreen tips in magazines this month.  They say to let it sink in to the skin and then dab the skin in case there is any still remaining on the top before you put on your foundation.  I don’t feel like this makes me any more oily than normal.  And I don’t wake up with pimples the next day.  Dream come true.

clarins milk lotion sunscreen sprayFor my body, I got this Clarins Milk-Lotion Spray.  It is super lightweight and doesn’t smell like sunscreen.  That’s huge!  I’m kind of in love.  And it says it has age control.  I am hoping that means that I won’t get any more wrinkles from this point forward.  But I’m doubting that.

Do you have a favorite sunscreen?  Do you wear it every day?

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    I generally just wear whatever sunscreen is already in my makeup which is obviously not enough during these summer months but sunscreens are expensive and like you said generally heavy and oily. I will have to give these Clarins formulas a try this year! Thanks for the suggestion! Have a great trip to Scottsdale!

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