Best of SLC #IGTravelThursday

#IGTRavelThursdayHave you ever been to Salt Lake City?  I went last year for the first time for Alt Summit.  And I totally fell in love with the city.  These are some of the best places in the city and a few celebs sprinkled in for good measure…Where have you been that you were pleasantly surprised by?

From top left:

Lauren and I in a confetti rainstorm, The Copper Onion in downtown has the best, simple decor and amazing music,  and AMAZING artwork (top right!), the Joshua Payne Orchestra plays the Grand America Lobby Bar, Bar X was super cool and the people were so friendly, and lastly, you know, just hanging out with HGTV darlings Orlando Soria and Emily Henderson who damn near caused a blogger tornado when they walked in to the room.

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    I love the picture of you and Lauren!! I’ve always wanted to go to Alt Summit, but never been to. I have been to SLC and Park City many times though. Hope to make it to Alt Summit one day too!

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      I highly recommend Alt Summit but it is sold out for January. They do a shorter conference in San Fran and NY at other times throughout the year and they do an online conference that is rad complete with keynote speakers and all kinds of courses. I also loved Bloggy Boot Camp, maybe there is one in your area? They do them all over the country. And there are so many more conferences I’m dying to check out!

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