Best of Beaches #IGTravelThursday

aug-29-best-of-beachesBeaches.  There is nothing prettier than the ocean.  It is just too dang bad that all that pesky sand is in the way.  We live about 20 minutes to the Pacific Ocean and yet we rarely go.  And when I think about where I want to travel to (you know, like fantasy travel-wise) it’s all about the beaches.  Clearly I need to stop thinking about it in terms of far off destinations and take advantage of what is practically in my own back yard.  That being said, where in the world is YOUR favorite beach to visit?  What beach do you dream of sipping umbrella’d drinks on?

From top left:

From our recent anniversary trip to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, at the St. Regis Monarch Beach, Lookout Point in Corona Del Mar, Big Corona, the view of Laguna Beach from Lauren’s wedding, a gorgeous sunset from Pelican Hill.

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    Hmm, that’s a tough one regarding beaches, at the moment my to-go destination would probably be northern Norway, even though it doesn’t come with the tropical weather… :) I’d just love to go and try surfing up in Lofoten, something I couldn’t do this spring as the winter was just dragging on. Thanks for joining in again this week!

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