Alt Summit is rocking my blog world

alt summit logo for SLCSo who else is going to Alt Summit in January??? I’m so freaking excited I can hardly stand it!  I can’t wait to be absolutely inspired.  Not only by the content but all the people who are attending, speaking,  and cavorting around.  But the coolest part about this conference is that all the stuff that I am excited about is available now!  Alt has really stepped up their game and brought on some amazing people to grow their content and really provide some outstanding learning opportunities for all bloggers.  Not just those who have a sought after ticket to the conference.

The Blog:

I mean.  Have you checked it out lately?  The content is insane.  Covering everything from hairstyles that work best for profile pictures to how to work as a freelancer.  I’m excited to check out the topics each day.  It is really good stuff.  There is also a chatroom so you can get all your conference questions answered, like how many business cards should I bring?

The Classes:

If you haven’t taken any of the classes on the Alt Channel you HAVE to!  Most classes are $15 but each month Bing sponsors a few classes so they can be given for FREE!  I’ve taken several and they are outstanding.  They offer tons of learning on various topics but also a really cool small networking opportunity to interact with the others taking the classes.  I’m scheduled to take at least 2 classes this month and I look forward to when they announce next months classes.  Some of them go very quickly so I like to sign up early!

inspired by alt blog organizing secrets


scan fabric for awesome patterns in illustrator

The Instagram:

Did you know that Alt Summit is on Instagram?!  It is awesome.  You must follow them (@altsummit).  Each week they are trying to post a prompt and have people post along with them.  Full disclosure:  I’ve been asked to help them promote their Instagram efforts but to be honest, I would be telling you all about it anyway.  Last week, and continuing on this week, the prompt is #shareyoursecrets where we are sharing secrets about anything and everything to do with blogging and our online work.  I shared my blog editorial calendar (follow me at @cupcakescutlery) that helps to keep me on track with everything.  @altsummit shared my graphic design secret of scanning fabric to use it in Illustrator.  You can follow along by searching the hashtag #inspiredbyalt and feel free to post your own secrets and remember to use the hashtags so we can all find them!

The Pinterest:

Alt Summit is also on Pinterest.  Their boards are amazing and cover everything from Fall, DIYs, Shoes and more!  Take some time and browse around.  I get to post my fave finds to some of the boards so go look at what I think you guys might like.

So even if you are not attending the conference in SLC in January you can still get in on the Alt fun!  And huge thanks to Bing for being an amazing sponsor and providing such awesome free content!

This is not a sponsored post.  These are all my opinions and I love Alt.




    • Sharon Garofalow says

      You just look at the class schedule and it will say right on them if they are sponsored by Bing and free!! I think there are a couple every month!

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