Allsaints Spitalfields rocks your kids back to school

Both of my sons have really long hair.  My oldest son doesn’t want to cut his (even a trim) before school starts because he thinks he won’t be a rockstar with short hair.  I know that isn’t true but trying to convince him otherwise is quite a task.  So when I found these really awesome kid’s clothes at Allsaints Spitalfield (most of them on sale), I knew we had to get them.  With these clothes on, no one could could accuse him of not rocking.  
And while you are there, why not pick up a great gift for yourself.  You’ve got to go back to school in style too.  If my husband is reading this, I did not buy anything for myself.  Promise.  Wink.
*****NOTE! As of the day of this post, the site no longer carries kids clothes! Wish I would have known that because I would have ordered WAY more!  So the name of this post is now, “My Kid is Totally Cooler Than Your Kid.”  But you can still buy the scarf!   
All photos via the Allsaints Spitalfields website



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