A Gift Idea for the Guy who has Everything

You may remember my whining from Day 3 of my Gift Guide about how hard it is to shop for my husband.  Well, it suddenly hit me. My husband is a really fun-loving guy.  And he’s a great, silly dad.  When he puts on his comfy pants after work they have a name.  Relax-O Pants-O’s.  So the boys and I decided to make him a Relax-O Kit-O.

Here is a brief look at the decorating we did for his family birthday party.  I bought plaid shirts and this small pair of jeans at the thrift store and created a banner.  I used a bleach pen to write on the pants and my sewing machine, that my mother in law threaded for me (GG, it’s almost out of thread…) to put the garland together and also sew these cocktail napkins.  And I let the boys decorate the cake.  But that has nothing to do with anything.  Just thought I would share.  Now, here are the contents of our Relax-O Kit-O:

I know some of this is really hard to read, but I think it was much more charming having my 5 year old write the labels.  The items were MilkDuds, Drinking Straw Glasses, Whoppers, some magazines, a back scratcher, a stress ball, some wine and beer, Hershey’s Chocolate Bars and a self-inflating Whoppee Cushion (this is a MUST stocking stuffer for your kids.  Hours of fun!).  There were also 2 pairs of pajama pants or Relax-O Pants-Os.

My husband really seemed to like the gift.  It was really fun to put together with the boys.  Although there have been years when he has gotten much more exciting gifts, this one was heartfelt and more meaningful.  And now off to worry about what to give him for Christmas.








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