A Dreamy Summer Afternoon with Friends

*From time to time Pottery Barn sends me product to check out. This is not a sponsored post. The colors of the rug inspired me to create a simple tablescape.
end of summer entertainingHere is what my dream afternoon with girlfriends would look like.  I am usually drawn to really bright colors, but there is something about the Gianna rug that I just love.  The colors remind me of late summer, in the twilight hours, feel really earthy to me.  Nothing relaxes me more than spending time with good friends.  So for my perfect afternoon, I would keep it simple, keep it tasty and keep it refreshing.

cheese-and-crackers-on-woodWho doesn’t love cheese with something crispy?  Super easy.

thin addictives by nonniFor a little sweet, because you know I love me some sweets, I’d put out these ThinAddictives.  The crunch is perfect and snacky with the perfect amount of sweetness.

snacks with friendsIced tea is one of my favorite beverages of all time.  Adding a hint of fresh herbs like mint or basil makes it so summery.  By clapping the herb in your palm a few times and adding to the top of your tea, each sip is scented and makes for a sensory treat.

grapefruit chamomile and cardamom sodaI’m a sucker for cardamom so when I saw this Joia Soda I had to try it.  It was perfection in a bottle.  Not too sweet, not to spice-y.  And it is always fun to having something new for your girlfriends to try.

late-summer-colors-and-iced-teaThe perfect summer afternoon.  If we are lucky it would be overcast and stormy without being humid and cold.  This is a dream scenario after all right?

iced tea and cardamom sodaWhat is does your dream afternoon with friends look like?

Rug c/o Pottery Barn.



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    Ok new drink i tried at a restaurant called Bluebeard in Indianapolis. It was iced black tea, vodka, lemon simple syrup and basil. AMAZEBALLS. must recreate.

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    My afternoons have been spent swimming with the kids because they need to get their energy out. I want your rug and ALL the food.

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    This is such a simple yet beautiful set up. So pretty! Yes, relaxing with friends and absolutely no agenda or to-do list would be lovely!

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