A Cool and Casual Easter Get Together with Amy’s Kitchen Table

Have you guys seen Amy’s Kitchen Table yet?  Hurry, go look.  I’ll wait…Ok, you back now?  So Amy is this extraordinary cook.  Like, for reals.  She’s one of those people who are so natural in the kitchen that she requires no recipes and doesn’t even break a sweat if a meal contains multiple steps.  I’m lucky enough to have sampled many of her dishes including some phenomenal baked goods so trust me when I tell you that you should bookmark her new recipe site! She is just getting her blog started and she asked me to help her out with a little Easter set up she wanted to do.  I’m so excited that the posts are up and you can see a little bit of what turned out to be one of my favorite tables and buffets ever.  So simple, casual and inexpensive.

Rush on over to Amy’s Kitchen Table to see a few other shots from the day and all of the fantastic recipes Amy put together like her pineapple bourbon glazed ham.  Best ham I’ve ever tasted – not exaggerating one bit.
Thanks for asking me to be part of this Amy!


  1. Alessandra says

    Ciao, I am here for the first time, what a lovely blog full of inspirations :-). I am following you now :-).

    And now I'll go and check Amy's, thank you for sharing.


  2. Jenny @ Hank + Hunt says

    This is fabulous! I love the lack of pastels! Thank heavens!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE. I wish we were closer, then I'd just bribe you to come over and help me ALL THE TIME!

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