2011 Holiday Gift Guide Day 3: Guys and Dolls

I enjoy a good accessory but hate to break the bank.  These are super cute and perfectly priced!

By Boe Necklace

By Boe Alphabet Earrings {Perfect for mom’s!}

Cotton Braided Bracelet by Thief And Bandit {looks like the one pictured sold out but they have many awesome ones!}

By Boe Bow Ring

California Necklace  {as seen on I Go You Go – and available in other states!}

My air plants met an untimely death, but I may try them again just to hang these rad pots in the backyard.

Hanging Pots

Hen and Chick Planters Growing Kits by Red Envelope  {Plants Included!}

I have the hardest time finding gifts for my husband.  His birthday is in late November so I’m hit with a double whammy.  He seems to know just about everyone and can get just about anything for free that I may want to buy him {down to his socks!}  I have to be really creative.  Here are a couple of fun gifts I think many guys would love.

Rad Dad Banner {And here is where I totally suck and can’t find the link for this awesome Rad Dad banner.  Anyone know where it is from?  And I’m too lazy to take the picture off

Boom Box Picnic Box

BPFC Sweatshirt by Bumpy Pitch {for those soccer lovers in your life}

The Happiness Project by Charles Spearin {for music lovers or extra cool people – Charlie is also in the band Broken Social Scene.  This is one of his side projects, an experimental CD where he recorded his neighbors talking about “love” and found the harmonies in their voices.  He then plays the harmonies on instruments.  I had the opportunity to see one track played live and it was phenomenal and had the crown captivated.  Oh yeah, and it is totally award winning too.}

Delete Grenade {I love this.  Put whatever it is you are trying to quit in the grenade and you are on your way to living without it.  Think chocolate, cigarettes, New Year’s Resolutions;)}


My wish list is ever growing but here are a few things that I want this year.

Sweatshirt by Loyalty and Blood {I could no longer find a link to the boat sweatshirt but this skull sweatshirt is a suitable alternative}

Black and White Striped Blanket from Ikea

Wooden Muddler

Shark Mug





In case you missed it, check out day 1 of the gift guide and day 2.  I really love to shop for other people.

Did you also check out the gift guides by A Fabulous Fete, Mint Loves Social Club, I Go You Go, and Green 4 U (if this last one isn’t up, check back!) and Hank and Hunt (hers are broken up so just scroll through her posts a few pages (you will want to anyway) to find them!)

Wishing you all a fantastic Turkey Day!!!!









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